How to Create a Homesite Lot

Land Requirements:
A landowner with 4 or more acres of land can offer a 1-acre portion of that land as a Homesite Housing Lot to an eligible purchaser, donate the land to the town of Chilmark or donate to a non-profit organization.  A Homesite Housing Lot must be at least 1 acre and the landowner’s property cannot be reduced to less than 3 acres.
Homesite Purchaser Requirements:
The purchaser of the Homesite Housing Lot must have an income that is no greater than 150% of area median income (see info attached) and may be a person chosen by the property owner.
Sale Price to Eligible Purchaser
Not to exceed $40,000.
Approval Process:
The proposed Homesite Housing Lot will need to be approved as a potential Homesite Housing Lot by the Planning Board after which a Special Permit will be needed from the Zoning Board of Appeals.
Informal Review and Approval by Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals:
We strongly urge that you meet with both boards for an informal preliminary review as you develop your proposed plan for a Homesite Housing Lot.   The informal preliminary review with both Boards will help answer many questions about the approval process. 
  • Planning Board Administrative Assistant: Jennifer Christy 508-645-2107
  • Zoning Board of Appeals Administrative Assistant: Alison Kisselgof 508-645-2114
Approval of Proposed Lot as a Potential Homesite Housing Lot by Planning Board:
The Planning Board will require review of the following prior to an approval:
A certified site plan prepared by a registered surveyor showing the lot lines, dimensions and location of the proposed Homesite Housing Lot and the proposed building envelope.  The Planning Board will review the plan and may inquire about restrictions on the lot, proposed septic locations, and may have other questions.
Special Permit Approval by the Zoning Board of Appeals:
The Zoning Board of Appeals will require the following prior to approving a Special Permit:
  1. The Planning Board’s approval of the lot as a potential Homesite Housing Lot.
  2. Certification from the Housing Committee that the buyer is an eligible purchaser.
  3. The Housing Committee’s approval of the Deed Rider to be attached to the purchase agreement requiring that any resale of the Homesite Housing Lot be as affordable housing.

Reference DocumentsChilmark Zoning By-Laws Section 6.9, Chilmark Housing Committee Homesite Implementation Guidelines (6/1/2015)