Housing Committee

Mission Statement

  • Develop and oversee affordable housing programs and opportunities.
  • Develop and oversee an affordable, rental clearinghouse.
  • Act as liaison between the Town and the Regional Housing Authority.
  • Recommend to the Selectmen and Planning Board bylaw and regulatory changes necessary to implement affordable housing programs.
  • Establish standards of eligibility for affordable housing in Chilmark.
  • Recommend to the Community Preservation Fund Committee the use of funds raised from the Community Preservation Act.
  • Perform such other duties as the Selectmen and/or Planning Board may determine in response to the need for affordable housing in Chilmark.

Staff Contacts

Committee Members

Name Title
Jim Feiner Chair (Appointed by Planning Board)
Michelle Leonardi Member (Appointed by Planning Board)
Jessica Roddy Member (Appointed by Planning Board)
William Randol Member (Appointed by Selectmen)
Andrew Goldman Member (Appointed by Selectmen)
William N. Rossi Member (Appointed by Selectmen)
Ann Wallace DCRHA
Roland Kluver Alternate