Cape Light Compact Disclosure May 2023

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Attached to this News & Announcement is the latest electricity supply disclosure label for Cape Light Compact’s power supply program. This disclosure provides information on the Compact’s default (opt-out) power supply product, including pricing and sources.  

Per the Compact’s approved aggregation plan, we are required to send out this disclosure label to each Compact Member town on a quarterly basis.The electricity you consume comes from the New England power grid, which receives power from a variety of power plants and transmits the power throughout the region as needed to meet the requirements of all customers in New England. When you choose a power supplier, that supplier is responsible for generating and/or purchasing power that is added to the power grid in an amount equivalent to your electricity use. “System Power” includes the mix of power generating resources in the regional electricity market.

Although the power delivered to Compact customers comes from the regional New England power grid, the Compact’s supplier provides 100% renewable energy to Compact customers by retiring renewable energy certificates (“RECs”) and clean energy credits (“CECs”) to match customers’ usage as follows: 1) RECs and CECs to meet the state-mandated Clean Energy Standard (“CES”) and Renewable Portfolio Standard (“RPS”), which includes a mix of RECs from wind, solar, biomass, and other qualified renewable generation resources, equal to 59.2% of usage; 2) RECs in addition to those required by the RPS and CES from a MA Class 1 resource located in MA in a quantity equal to 1% of usage; and 3) RECs in addition to those required by the RPS and CES representing generation from North American wind resources in a quantity equal to 39.8% of usage. 
NextEra Energy Services will update fuel sources and emissions data to its customers quarterly, allowing customers to compare data among the companies providing electricity service on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.
Generation Prices*
• Residential customers: prices in effect for December 2022 - June 2023 are 21.699¢ per kWh
• Commercial customers: prices in effect for December 2022 - June 2023 are 21.799¢ per kWh
• Industrial customers: prices in effect for March 2022 - June 2023 are 11.983¢ per kWh