New York Times and Washington Post

NYT and WaPo promotion
MV library patrons have free online access to NYT and WaPo

Martha's Vineyard library patrons now have free access the New York Times online. Click HERE and enter the code c59d2806040934a2.

Create a username and password that you will use for your first login and for every future visit to the New York Times online.

Your code will give you unlimited access to articles for 72 hours. When your 72 hour access expires, return to that sign-in page to activate a redemption code for additional 72 hours of access with your New York Times account. 

Martha's Vineyard library patrons now have free access the Washington Post online

Following the link above will take you to library landing page where you can sign in for unlimited access to the newspaper website with a 7-day pass. You can renew your pass whenever needed by returning to this webpage and following the link above. Library newspaper passes will allow you to access this content anywhere you have internet access, on any device. 

Complimentary access to and is sponsored by the Martha's Vineyard Library Association.