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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Zoning Board of Appeals Revised Agenda 11/1517
   Town of Chilmark
  Zoning Board of Appeals
 Meeting Agenda
  Meeting Title
Start Time
4:00 PM
  Results Desired
Stop Time
5:00 PM
November 15, 2017

Chilmark Town Hall

Allison Burger  
Russell Maloney
Wendy Weldon – Vice Chairman
Frank LoRusso
Chris Murphy – Chairman
Allen Healy, Alternate
Todd Christy, Alternate
Chuck Hodgkinson – Admin.

4:05 PM:  CHRIS ALLEY AND KRIS HORIUCHI FOR LANNY A. BREUER; Article 4            Section 4.2A3; 5 Lovey’s Cove Rd.; Map 33 Lot 124:   Construct an 18’ X 40’ in-ground pool with the related pool enclosure.  The pool equipment will be located in an underground vault.  The pool will be heated with an air-source heat pump.  The power for the pool equipment will be offset by a roof-mounted solar array that will be installed.  
4:15 PM:  JAMES MOFFATT FOR NANCY GOULD; Article 6 Section 6.11B.2; 2 Hawk Valley Rd.; Map 18 Lot 5:  Add a 398 sq. ft. detached bedroom on a 2.7-acre parcel which increases the total living area on the lot to 3,697 sq. ft. as defined by this bylaw.  The maximum allowable area by Special Permit is 5,925 sq. ft.  
4:20 PM:  NINA HARRISON FOR PERSEPHONE’S ISLAND, LLC; Article 8 Section 8.3;                 13 Cemetery Rd.; Map 8 Lot 16:  Alter a pre-existing, non-conforming structure by squaring off the existing elevated deck and railing on the west side of the house.  The deck addition is approximately 45 feet from the west lot line.  The deck railing is approximately 11 feet 8 inches above grade.  
4:25 PM:  REQUEST TO POSTPONE THE HEARING TO DECEMBER 13 @ 5:30 PM TO ALLOW THE BUILDING INSPECTOR TO ATTEND;  Act on an appeal filed by Larkosh & Jackson, LLP for Douglas Liman and David Stork under M.G.L. Chapter 40A, Section 7 of the Commonwealth’s Zoning Act.  The petition is appealing the Chilmark Zoning Enforcement Officer’s response and letter dated September 14, 2017.  The appeal is for a project on Assessor’s Map 35 Lots 1.30, 1.31, 17.3, 17.4, 21, 22 and 23.
DISCUSSION BRUCE MACNELLY FOR NOCKET DOWNS NOMINEE TRUST; 19 Lake Rd.; Map 33 Lot 3.2:  Review proposed changes to lower the cost of the additions.  Determine if the changes are inconsequential or, require the hearing to be re-opened.
ADMINISTRATION:  October 25, 2017 meeting minutes.
                                       Next Meeting:  Wed., December 13 @ 5:00 PM  
  • Big House Bylaw Art. 6 Sec. 6.11B2:  6 Wakeman Rd.
     2.   Appeal Art. 9 Sec. 9.9:  14 Marjo’s Way; enforcement of a zoning violation of the minimum 25-foot              setback distance from a lot line on a 1.3-acre parcel
     3.   Postponed from 11/15:  Doug Liman Squibnocket Appeal of Building Inspector’s letter.      

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