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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Tri-Town Ambulance Committee Minutes 02/15/17
West Tisbury  Chilmark  Aquinnah
Chief Ben Retmier, Tri-Town Ambulance Chief
P.O. Box 457  West Tisbury, MA. 02575
PHONE/FAX: 508·693·4992

Tri-Town Ambulance Committee
February 15, 2017 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Committee Chair Jim Newman at 1:34p.m.

In attendance

Richard Knabel, Committee Member, Warren Doty, Committee Member, Jim Newman, Committee Member, Chief Retmier, Ellen Biskis, Town Accountant, Allison Graczykowski, Admin Assistant

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  • Ambulance – Review of Capital Funds
Ellen Biskis, Town Accountant provided a complete review of the information provided in the Town Reports, information on the operating account as well as the reserve account.

The Capital Funds available are $217,000.00, not the $378,000.00 as reflected in the Town Report.

Ellen Biskis shared a detailed excel that reflected how the revenue collected in prior years was applied to the operating budget in prior years as well as what funds were applied to the reserve account.

With this information, Tri-Town Ambulance Committee held a conversation on how to proceed with vehicle purchases. The thoughts and ideas provided by Tri-Town Ambulance Committee Members and Chief Retmier are:

Chief Retmier shared that $175,000.00 would be a good target figure for two new stretchers and one new ambulance. Another thought that was presented is whether we can take a loan and make monthly payments to purchase two new vehicles.

Committee Member Jim Newman suggested we consider changing agreement to increase the percentage of revenue that is applied to capital funds from 20% to 25%.
Chief Retmier shared that the Aquinnah ambulance will need to be replaced first, and that it may be possible to nurse Charlie 90 along for 2-3 years. Committee Member Jim Newman wants to understand when we’ll have enough to money in reserve to purchase a new vehicle. Ellen Biskis shared if we had two years of 25% of revenue collections applied to the reserve account we would have $182,000.00 in January of 2019.

Based on build schedule that may mean two and half to three years before the next new ambulance would be available.  Committee Member Warren Doty wonders what it would look like to begin a plan to purchase a new ambulance in January of 2018. Ellen Biskis provided feedback and Committee Member Warren Doty determined that each town would need to add an additional $25,000.00 to purchase next year, in lieu of waiting until 2019 to begin the process.

Chief Retmier’s recommendation is to not burden tax payers.  Increase amount placed in revenue reserve from 20 to 25% and nurse Charlie 90 along for 2-3 years.

Committee Member Warren Doty wondered if we could have a contract to deliver one ambulance in September 2017 and one in September 2018.  Ellen Biskis shared that for the most part, you can not commit to contract without the funds being available.

Committee Member Warren Doty would like to vote to approve the purchase of one new ambulance. Chief Retmier stated that he would amend the warrant article to reflect one ambulance, not two.

Committee Member Warren Doty motioned to move to purchase one new ambulance, Committee Member Jim Newman seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Committee Member Warren Doty expressed we need to be responsible about purchasing a second ambulance. The Chief and/or committee would need to call for a joint meeting of all selectmen to have this amendment made to the agreement. We are working towards building an organized capital plan. A meeting will need to be held the day before a joint meeting of all selectmen is held.

Committee Member Warren Doty expressed that perhaps Ellen Biskis, Town Accountant can meet with TTA Committee four times a year. Ellen Biskis agreed that she would come meet with the Committee and Chief quarterly at TTA Committee Meetings and review the funds.

  • Adjournment
 Motion to adjourn the meeting at 2:17 pm. and Committee member Warren Doty: seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Prerepared by:  _____________________________________________
                     Allison Graczykowski, Clerical Assistant

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