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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 08/22/17
Chilmark Board of Selectmen    August 22, 2017   Meeting Minutes
Present: Chairman Bill Rossi and Warren Doty, Jim Malkin was not present.
Tim Carroll, Steve Flanders, Jane Greene, Max McCreery, Bruce Golden, Don Leopold,  
Everett Poole, Police Chief Klarèn, Marshall Carroll, Bradlee Carroll, Cole Powers, news reporters and MVTV videographer.

At 5:00 PM Chairman Rossi called meeting to order in the Selectmen’s Meeting Room.

Draft minutes from the Selectmen’s August 8, 2017 meeting were reviewed. A revision was made. Mr. Doty moved to approve minutes as revised. Chairman Rossi seconded the motion.
SO VOTED: 2 Ayes 1 Not Present

Menemsha Harbor - Electrical Inspector’s Report:
Chilmark wiring inspector Cole Powers gave a brief synopsis of the work to date. Mr. Powers said he was notified of the report of possible transient voltage in the water at North East corner of Menemsha Harbor commonly known as Crab Corner on July 3, 2017. Mr. Powers said having not personally experienced any voltage there and not being present when folks reported the tingling sensation he had to make a full inspection of all the wiring and connections to determine the problem.

After reviewing what wiring Menemsha Harbor has in place Mr. Powers determined that the transient dock electrical panel needed proper (a second ground) grounding. Once this grounding was completed Selectmen requested a 10 day test of the area for any traces of stray electrical current. Mr. Powers report showed no stray electrical current within the test period.

Mr. Powers said in 2017 the NEC (National Electric Code) required higher standard for marinas in article 6.80 to protect from leeks of transient voltage. Mr. Powers will complete a recommendation for the town for wiring upgrades for Menemsha Harbor in the beginning of September. Mr. Doty said the harbor wiring upgrades will be an article on the 2017 fall Special Town Meeting. Mr. Powers said another important decision that was made during the recent review is an annual inspection will be completed of all Menemsha Harbor wiring. Chairman Rossi thanked Mr. Powers for his time and explanations.

Human Resources Board (HRB) - Town Compensation Plan Analysis & Recommendation:
Jennie (Jane) Greene Chairman of the HRB presented the board’s unanimous recommendation. Also present from the HRB where; Stephen Flanders, Max McCreery, Don Leopold and Bruce Golden. Ms. Greene said Chuck Hodgkinson (the employee representative) was unable to attend tonight but she wanted to acknowledge both Chuck and Ellen Biskis (Town Accountant) for their hard work in helping the board to wrap up the figures and final presentation.    

After reviewing the recommendation Mr. Doty moved to accept this recommendation for changes to the pay scale and to place an article on the Special Town Meeting warrant to cover cost of the changes starting July 1, 2017.  Chairman Rossi seconded the motion.
SO VOTED: 2 Ayes 1 Not Present

HRB - Town Compensation Plan analysis & Recommendation:
Mr. Carroll asked for clarification whether an employee would stay in the step they have now on the new salary chart or to the step closest to their existing without being less than what they are being payed now.

US Census -Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) Operation:
Mr. Carroll said the towns are receiving these LUCA notices in preparation for the 2020 Census. Mr. Carroll recommended reaching out to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission who has this data for the entire island towns rather than each town filling in the data. Selectmen supported this recommendation.

Public Safety Building Site Committee (PSBSC) - update:
Chairman Rossi said at their last meeting members of the PSBSC expressed frustration for lack of movement. Mr. Doty stated he objects to the “lack of movement” statement. The Selectmen were moving forward with a purchase of land last year but without the support of the fire department did not bring to town meeting. Mr. Doty said the existing site (3 Menemsha Cross Road) could work well as a new fire station.

Mr. Doty reported that the Tri Town Ambulance decided not to move forward with the purchase of property on Menemsha Cross Road to build a Tri Town Ambulance station as it has too many wetland issues. Mr. Carroll said Tim Rich (member of PSBSC) did not support the fire station being remodeled in the same location without additional land. Chairman Rossi indicated that fire chief is now supporting the property we tried to buy last year. Chairman Rossi will find out if that parcel is still an option.     

Chilmark Community Center (CCC) for Dance Rehearsals:
Selectmen received a request from Caitlin Cook in collaboration with the Yard to utilize the CCC as a rehearsal space for the last week of August and some additional times during the winter. Mr. Doty moved to approve yard dance rehearsals. The dates need to be worked out with Administrative Assistant to Board of Selectmen. Chairman Rossi seconded the motion.
SO VOTED: 2 Ayes 1 Not Present      

Police- Declare 1996 Polaris ATV Inoperable Surplus & Approve Disposal:
Police Chief Klarèn asked for the Selectmen to declare the 1996 Polaris ATV surplus & approve disposal. Mr. Carroll said Tim Rich has expressed interest in tinkering with this when declared surplus. Mr. Doty moved to declare this 1996 Polaris surplus and permit Mr. Rich take possession. Chairman Rossi seconded the motion SO VOTED: 2 Ayes 1 Not Present      

Mr. Doty asked how the new electric vehicle has been working for the police department. Chief Klarèn said it has been working very well for the department. Selectmen also discussed the traffic report submitted by traffic officer Kevin Burchill. Selectmen Doty stated it is an impressive report and we are very lucky to have this caliber of employee for our town.  
Park & Recreation Committee 2017 Bulkhead leases for signing:
Mr. Carroll said these Bulkhead leases have the changes that where instigated this year and are ready for the final step of Selectmen signatures.
Mr. Carroll noted that he did not know that only the Chairman of Park & Recreation is the signer and that historically we have had signatures from each Park & Rec member and each Selectman.  
Chairman Rossi and Mr. Doty both signed the Bulkhead leases.
Mr. Carroll said the Park & Rec is working to appoint available lot 1A; interviews from 4 interested applicants have happened and at their next meeting committee may be ready to award lot 1A. Marshall Carroll said he supports the effort the Park & Recreation members have made and he hopes they will continue a monthly meeting.

Appointment of Election Officers:
Town Clerk Jennifer Christy submitted a list of recommended Election Officers to be appointed: Michele Leonardi, Jane Greene, Joan Jenkinson, Holly T Norton, Deborah K Silliman Wass and Ann Wallace. Mr. Doty moved to appoint the Election Officers as recommended by the Town Clerk. Chairman Rossi seconded the motion.
SO VOTED: 2 Ayes 1 Not Present      

Menemsha Slip- Bradlee Carroll:
Chairman Rossi acknowledged receiving the recommendation from our legal counsel and will address this item at a future meeting that Selectmen Malkin (Harbor liaison) can be present for.

Special Town Meeting:
Mr. Carroll said with the Human Resources Board figures in we can schedule the STM to the earlier date of September 25, 2017 but will confirm with Selectmen Malkin as to what date will work for Selectmen to meet to set the warrant and date and time for STM. Chairman Rossi and Mr. Doty confirmed August 31st or September 1st both as possible dates for Selectmen’s meeting to set the STM warrant. Mr. Carroll said he is also confirming the September 25, 2017 is acceptable to the town Moderator Everett Poole prior to setting the date.
At 5:51 PM with no further items for discussion Mr. Doty moved to adjourn. Chairman Rossi seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 2 Ayes 1 Not Present
Minutes respectfully submitted by Diana DeBlase.
Document List:
  • Draft minutes 8/8/2017
  • HRB Compensation Plan Analysis and recommendation
  • 2020 Census LUCA paperwork
  • Request to utilize CCC by Ms. Cook for dance rehearsals
  • Police request to declare 1996 Polaris A TV surplus
  • 2017 bulkhead leases  
  • List of recommended Election Officers for appointment
  • Traffic report from Kevin Burchill
  • Notice of MVLB TAB public hearing about fulling Mill Brook
  • Letter from Kent Healy about Tisbury Great Pond
  • DEP 6 Tucker trail dock plan
  • Notice of Chilmark CPC meeting for Community Preservation funding
  • MVC notice concerning employee housing policy
  • Harbor department letter to Ms. Carroll about location of domicile
  • Recommendation from legal counsel concerning Waterways Rules and Regulations

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