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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 01/18/11
Chilmark Board of Selectmen        January 18, 2011        Meeting Minutes

Present: Warren Doty, Frank Fenner, Jonathan Mayhew, Tim Carroll, Jonathan Revere,
Clarissa Allen, William Bennett, Chris Murphy, Remy Tumin, Jim Hickey.

7:30 pm. Chairman Doty Called Meeting to order in the Selectmen’s room.

Minutes: Mr. Fenner handed Mr. Carroll spelling corrections to be made Mr. Mayhew pointed out another; Corp not Core (as in ACE). Mr. Fenner moved to approve minutes with spelling corrections. Mr. Mayhew seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Martha’s Vineyard Commission:
Christopher Murphy and William Bennett (who are both Chilmark representatives) were present from the MVC. Mr. Doty asked for any updates on the Development Regional Impact “check list”. Mr. Murphy said this is the MVC biannual review and he would like input from Chilmark as to what is important to include in the review.
Mr. Doty brought up “trophy houses” and his concerns that houses are being built that are too big. He would like to see limits on the size allowed.
Mr. Murphy stated so far Aquinnah is the only town with zoning regulations in place limiting the size of houses. Mr. Murphy said this is the time to push these regulations. Houses over certain size would be DRI. Mr. Murphy pointed out that the MV Commission has no power to regulate the interior space.
Mr. Murphy asked for this to be formulated and brought to the MVC and they will help Chilmark draw the bylaws.

The Wind Energy Plan for Dukes County is due to expire November 2011. This is an issue the Selectmen are referring to the Planning Board.
Mr. Fenner moved to refer to Planning Board under chapter 40A to ready for Annual Town Meeting. Mr. Mayhew seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

The Selectmen and MVC reps. discussed the District of Local Technical Assistance. There are two grants that are available. One grant is for sustainable land use and the other is for municipal partnerships. The Municipal partnerships could be applied to the Tri- Town Ambulance services.

It is time to re-appoint William Bennett to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission. Mr. Bennett said this work is a civic duty and he will accept another year appointment if Selectmen re-appoint him.
Mr. Fenner moved to re-appoint William Bennett as representative for Chilmark on the Martha’s Vineyard Commission. Mr. Mayhew seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Shellfish Advisory Committee:
Mr. Fenner and Mr. Mayhew both attended the SAC meeting held Friday January 7 at the Chilmark Town Hall. The SAC will develop a recommendation for the Board of Selectmen this spring. The recommendation will be an updated shellfish regulation for this next year. The regulations need to be adopted and posted 2 weeks prior to opening of the Shellfish season.

Island Housing Trust Board:
Mr. Doty requested to be re appointed as Chilmark Rep. to the Island Housing Trust. It is a three year position; Mr. Doty said he would like to continue to be on this board.
Mr. Mayhew moved to re appoint Mr. Doty to the Island Housing Trust. Mr. Fenner seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 2 Ayes Mr. Doty Abstained

Molly Flender Affordable Housing Trust:
Mr. Doty spoke of the deposits received by the affordable housing lots in the Middle Line Road Project. These deposits will be starting trust management fund for the property. A committee will be formed from a member of the Housing Committee, Planning Board, Selectmen, Finance Advisory Committee and an at large member from the community. Mr. Mayhew recommended Mr. Doty from the Selectmen Board. The Selectmen would like response from the other boards by February 15, 2011.

Shellfish Grant Application:
The Selectmen’s office received an application from Mr. Iacono Jr. to acquire an oyster grant along the line that has already been assigned in the Menemsha Pond.
Selectmen decided to postpone a hearing for this request to get more information from the permits holders that have already been granted. Selectmen will note the date of this application from Mr. Iacono Jr.

Chilmark Community Center:
Selectmen received a letter from Annemarie Reid asking to hold a work shop for Martha’s Vineyard nurses. Mr. Fenner moved to approve the event and to wave the rental fee. The Cleaning deposit is still required. Mr. Mayhew seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

The Boys & Girls Club:
The Selectmen have received a notice from Derek Tipton of the Boys & Girls Club. This is a notice of request to have the Selectmen approve the 20th annual Island wide “Tour of the Vineyard”. This fundraiser is a cycling event. This fundraiser is to support the Boys & Girls Club
and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The Date set for this event is Saturday April 30, 2011.
Mr. Fenner stated that the same regulations will apply as years past. Approval from Fire and Police chief are needed. Mr. Mayhew moved to approve the cycling event. Mr. Fenner seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Pier Connector Update:
Mr. Carroll has received emails from C. White Marine asking for change order to save more money on the project. C. White Marine has found that the composite product for the wave wall could be substituted for steel sheets saving $10,000.00. The Selectmen would like to stay with the original plan that Kent Healy provided. Mr. Carroll will notify C. White Marine to proceed with plans as they are now.

Tea Lane Farm House Committee:
Mr. Fenner said the committee is at the stage of seeking a cost estimate from Pete Timothy.
Mr. Timothy said it would be a few weeks before he could get to it.

Finance Advisory Committee Meetings:
Mr. Carroll notified the Selectmen and Boards of the schedule changes to the budget hearings due to the Snow Day cancelation. The next meeting scheduled for January 19,2011 will start at 7:00pm.

Distributed Antenna System:
The update from Mr. Carroll is we are waiting on NSTAR to progress to the next stage. The up and running date is still June 2011.

Tri- Town Ambulance:
Chris Murphy said that our town can not afford, and doesn’t need Advanced Life Saving. He feels that Basic Life Saving is terrific and should be run by volunteers. In his words “Stipends destroy volunteerism.” Stipends cheapen their roll as volunteers. Mr. Murphy supports a stipend for one person to organize the volunteers. Mr. Doty stated there will be a joint meeting of three boards of selectmen on February 1st .Tri Town Ambulance organization will be discussed.

Report results from Tighe & Bond:
Clarissa Allen of Allen Farm asked if the Selectmen would discuss the results that Tighe & Bond produced for the Town. Tighe & Bond were hired by the town to assist and research information on wind turbine capabilities. The Turbines researched are the two that Allen Farm and Grey Barn intend to install. Mr. Fenner said he just received the documents and would like to read them through before any discussion. Mr. Doty stated there is a Zoning Board of Appeals hearing on this subject tomorrow at 5:00 pm at the Chilmark Community Church on Menemsha Cross Road.

Chairman Doty moved to go into Executive Session to discuss labor relations and not to return to regular session.  Mr. Fenner: Aye, Mr. Mayhew: Aye, Mr. Doty: Aye. 8:12 pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by Diana DeBlase

Minutes approved 2/15/11

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