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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Selectmen's Meeting Minutes 01/04/11
Town of Chilmark     Board of Selectmen    January 4, 2011    Meeting Minutes

Present: Warren Doty, Jonathan Mayhew, Frank Fenner, Tim Carroll, Emily Day, Brian Cioffi, Remy Tumin, Jim Hickey.

Chairman Doty called meeting to order at 7:30 pm in the Selectmen’s meeting room.

Minutes from December 21, 2010 reviewed. The following amendments are needed:
1. Reporter for the MV Times was Jim Hickey not Steve Myrick.
2. A correction on name spelling for Jennifer Slossberg, not Slosberg.
3. Deed rider for both Cioffi and Slavin.
4. Pg. 2, in the Emergency response letter: re wrote wording not solved wording.
5. Pg. 3, Mr. Mayhew not Mr. Mathew
6. Last page correction on Kilowatt cost to be 0.0775
Mr. Fenner moved to approve minutes with amendments. Mr. Mayhew seconded the motion.

December 16, 2010 minutes still not complete postponement of approval.

Menemsha Pier Connector Project:
The signed contract was received from C. White Marine this afternoon. After Selectmen reviewed contract Mr. Fenner moved to approve this contract from C. White Marine. Mr.Mayhew seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Mr. Carroll will send notice to proceed to C. White Marine.
The contract states that the in water part of the project will be complete by April 1, 2011.
The completion of entire project with C. White Marine must be completed by May 15, 2011 or penalties will be enforced.
The permits from Army Corps of Engineers and the DEP are on file electronically the originals have been sent to the Governor to be signed we can expect them back soon.

Menemsha Boathouse Fire Report Update:
Chairman Doty asked the Chief of Police Cioffi if there was a report yet. Chief Cioffi stated the report is in the review process and needs approval before it will be released.

Ron Minkin Van Permission:
Mr. Minkin requested permission from the Selectmen to be granted a street license for a 14 passenger vehicle. This will be used for tours through Chilmark.
Mr. Fenner moved to grant permission to Ron Minkin for a street license. Mr. Mayhew seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Budget Requests Review of Highlights:
Mr. Doty said he will speak to Tim Madden about the Seaport Advisory Council.

There will be an Accounting department code addition #198 this FY2012 for Town property in particular Tea Lane Farm.

The liability insurance coverage cost to the town for FY2012 is $119,000.
Mr. Fenner asked to make sure that all of the docks are listed on the policy.

The Animal inspector requests a raise of $200.00. $300.00 is the current budget and it is not enough.

The Library increase is due to a re-grade of the director and being open an hour earlier on Thursdays to accommodate school letting out and the children having a place to go rather than waiting another hour.

The Beach Department has decreased its budget by $9,000.00
Tri Town Ambulance has a very large increase and will be a big topic for the Finance Advisory Committee and Selectmen to work on.

The Education Department is level this FY2012.

The Fire Department increase is due to salary increase for the Fire Chief from $21,000. to $33,000. Mr. Doty said that this will need discussion.

Insurance coverage was reviewed extensively in September 2010 with Selectmen and a rep from MIIA by conference call. MIIA is the town’s policy provider. Mr. Doty wants to be sure that all are in agreement that the coverage has been reviewed and is complete.

Beach Committee Request:
The Selectmen received a letter from the Beach Committee changing the Beach Superintendents’ job as a salaried position not hourly. Mr. Fenner and Mr. Mayhew do not object the request but would like this to be addressed to the Personnel Board first for their review and approval.

Analysis of Fiscal Implications of Personnel Board Recommendations:
Conservation Officer is a position with a $5,000.00 stipend. The Personnel Board supports and recommends Chuck Hodgkinson to this position Mr. Fenner moved to appoint Chuck Hodgkinson to the position but would hold approval of job description for further review by the Personnel Board. Mr. Mayhew seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Coordinator of Administrative Support position grade to be increase from grade 8 to grade 11. The increase will change currant hourly pay from $30.24 to $30.77.
Mr. Fenner moved to approve job description and re-grade. Mr. Mayhew seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Library director position description and re-grade from grade 10 to 11. Mr. Fenner moved to approve job description and re-grade. Mr. Mayhew seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Harbor Master re-grade from 9 to 10. Selectmen are to post pone job description decision for further review.
They are concerned that listing all of current Harbor Masters qualifications will limit future applicants.

Conservation Commission:
The Conservation Commission request Selectmen’s approval for Cooper Environmental as consultants for the Zoya project. Mr. Fenner moved to endorse request from Conservation Commission. Mr. Mayhew seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Distributed Antennae System:
Mr. Carroll said that poles are being put into place. The Sub Contractor from American Tower has contacted the Building inspector for the hub permitting. The turn on time is still scheduled for June 1, 2011.

Tea Lane Farm:
Mr. Fenner said that the Tea Lane Farm House Committee will meet again this Saturday. This meeting is to decide on estimator to come up with a quote for cost of execution of plans.

Ocean Energy Management Task Force:
Mr. Doty stated that the State has issued a call for companies interested in wind turbines South of Martha’s Vineyard. These turbines are estimated to be 400 to 500 feet tall. Mr. Doty expects a press release from Bureau of Ocean Management in late February with response to the call.
Tim Carroll will work on notifying Chilmark tax payers.

Mr. Fenner moved to adjourn meeting. Mr. Mayhew seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes
Chairman Doty called meeting adjourned at 8:58pm

Minutes respectively submitted by Diana DeBlase

Minutes approved 1/18/11

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