Town of Chilmark, MA
PO Box 119, 401 Middle Road, Chilmark, MA 02535-0119
Section II
DATE: To rescind all action taken at previous town meetings in regard to the date of the annual town meeting, and to instruct the selectmen to fix the date of the annual town meeting for a Monday evening in the month of April.

Adopted ATM March 29,1976

NOTICE: Notice of a town meeting shall be given and advertised in at least one newspaper having general circulation in the town at least seven days before the Annual Town Meeting, or an Annual or Special Election and at least fourteen days before a special town meeting.

Adopted ATM April 26, 1999

QUORUM: Twenty-five (25) voter shall be necessary to constitute a quorum at town meeting; provided that a number less than a quorum may from time to time adjourn the meeting. This bylaw shall not apply to town meetings as are devoted to the election of officers.

Adopted ATM January 9, 1979

No question shall be submitted to the voters of Chilmark seeking approval to assess taxes in excess of the amount allowed by Chapter 59, Section 21C of M.G.L known as Proposition 2 1/2, unless:

1. In addition to published notices otherwise required, written notice in the same form as the published notices shall be mailed to each registered voter at her or his registered address not less than fourteen days prior to the voting.

2. A hearing called by the selectmen is held 5 to 15 days before any override election to discuss the override election to discuss the override question.

3. No solicitation for a vote for or against the override question shall be sent to any voter by any town official using public facilities or supplies.

Adopted ATM April 22, 1985
Amended June 25, 1985
Amended ATM April 27, 1992, Approval A.G. June 15, 1992