Town of Chilmark, MA
PO Box 119, 401 Middle Road, Chilmark, MA 02535-0119
Section I
Notwithstanding any action previously taken at any town meeting, the election of town officials and other matters to be determined by ballot shall take place on a day in the month of April two days after the annual meeting held for the transaction of other business.

Adopted ATM March 29,1976
Adopted ATM April 27, 1987

No person shall, after April 29, 1987, hold membership on more than one of the following municipal boards and committees at the same time: Board of Selectmen, Board of Assessors, Board of Health, Planning Board, Board of Appeals, Finance Committee and School Committee. If after April 29,1987 a person holding membership on one of the aforement ioned boards or committees is appointed or elected to membership on another town board or committee listed herein, the office to which such person was formerly appointed or elected shall thereupon become vacant and a qualified person shall be appointed or elected in the manner prescribed for the filling of vacancies on said committee or board.

A term of three years was established for members of the Board of Selectmen.

Adopted ATM January 15,1937

Section 1. The Selectmen shall, before the first day of May, 1959, appoint a Finance Committee, consisting of seven registered voters of the Town, no one of whom shall be an elected official of the Town, nor an employee of the Town who is responsible for the compilation and presentation of a departmental budget, two members o f which original committee shall be appointed for a term of three years, two for a term of two years and three for a term of one year. Subsequent appointments to this Committee to replace members whose terms have elapsed shall be for a term of three years. Interim appointments to fill vacancies caused by death or resignations of members shall be t o fill the unexpired term.

Section 2. The Finance Committee shall have the powers and duties set forth in Section 16 of Chapter 39 of the General Laws, and shall consider and act upon all municipal questions to be included as Articles in the Warrants for Annual and Special Town Meetings, including the Annual Budgets. Articles involving the appropriation of money and to come before the Annual Town Meeting shall be pre sented to the Finance Advisory Committee by February 1st of that year.
Other Articles, whether for the Annual Town Meeting or a Special Town Meeting shall be presented to the Finance Committee at least twenty-one (21) days before that meeting. With respect to any particular Annual or Special Town Meeting, the Finance Committee, by two-thirds (2/3) vote, and by written notice to the Selectmen, may reduce the number of days set forth in the preceding two sentences for the presentation to it of the warrant articles. The Committee shall make its report, and recommendations if so voted by the Committee, a part of the posted warrant, printed by and at the expense of the Town.

Adopted ATM February 24, 1959
Amended February 25, 1963, April 4 1977
Amended ATM April 27, 1992
Amended ATM April 24, 1995
FINANCE COMMITTEE Membership changed from an appointive to an elective position.
Adopted ATM March 31,1975