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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Planning Board Minutes 03/26/18
Chilmark Planning Board
March 26, 2018
Present: Janet Weidner, Mitchell Posin, Peter Cook, Chris MacLeod
Not Present: Rich Osnoss, John Eisner, Joan Malkin
Public & Board/Comm. Members:
Staff: Jennifer Christy, Admin. Asst.
Meeting was called to order at 4:31 PM
Mr. Cook was nominated to be named temporary Chairperson for the meeting. The motion to nominate was seconded. All ayes.
Mr. Cook called the meeting to order at 4:31PM.
  • Form A Marjorie Scheuer, Map 34, Lots 3, 4.1 & 4.2:
  • Mr. Ken Abbot from Schofield, Barbini & Hoehn was present to discuss the Form A application and plan submitted for endorsement by applicant Marjorie Scheuer.
  • The Board discussed the plans to change the lot lines in the plan and the effects of the changes. It was determined that each of the proposed lots has adequate frontage and the access remains the same as it currently is for access to all three lots.
  • It was determined that one of the lots, outlined in blue on the sketch brought to the meeting by Mr. Abbot, may have living area on the lot that is above the allowable limit. The Board discussed their desire to know that the formation of a lot which possibly creates a lot with living area with more than allowable square footage is proper. It was determined that more information may be needed regarding the total living area square footage on each of the proposed lots due to the possibility that the total living area on one or more of the proposed lots may exceed the allowable limit after endorsement of a lot line change. Mr. Abbot agreed to an extension of the Board’s period of action in order for the Board to receive information about the total living area on each proposed lot and determine if the information is applicable to their decision to act on the plan.
  • Mr. Abbot agreed to an extension of the 21 day period of action to extend through April 23, 2018. He signed the extension agreement on behalf of the applicant and the acting chairperson of the Board, Peter Cook, also signed the agreement.
  • Mr. Abbot stated he would return to the Board meeting on April 9th and would convey the information about total living area requested prior to that meeting.
  • Green Communities: Rob Hannemann:
  • Mr. Hannemann, as a representative of The Vineyard Sustainable Energy Committee, visited the Board to describe and discuss the option for the Town to become designated a Green Community. He noted that Cape Light Compact may partner with the Town to produce an energy use baseline report, a key element towards the designation of a Town as a Green Community.
  • Mr. Hannemann noted the availability of participation in grant programs if the Town were to be designated a Green Community. He noted, as an example, that the cost for a project to replace the Chilmark School’s HVAC system, currently on the 2018 ATM warrant, could possibly have been mitigated by a grant through this Green Community program.
  • Concerns regarding the possible increase in costs to homebuilders if the Town were to be designated a Green Community were briefly discussed. It was questioned how the standard building code differs from the stretch building code and what degree of impact the adoption of the stretch building code would have on the Town.
  • Mr. Hannemann also noted the opportunity for establishment of “as-of-right” zoning for renewable energy systems.
  • Ms. Weidner noted the solar panels at the transfer station area and wondered if, when the Town may do a baseline analysis of the Town’s energy use, the energy saved by these already established panels would be counted or would the baseline be calculated with those panels intact? More discussion occurred.
  • Mr. Hannemann stated that he views the grant opportunities as a valuable element of the designation’s benefits.
  • Ms. Weidner requested that the Board be provided data from West Tisbury and Tisbury regarding how they may have benefitted by becoming designated a Green Community.
  • Mr. Hannemann stated his main purpose for visiting the Board was to begin a discussion about the topic and to find out direction from the Board on what questions and concerns they may have on the topic. He stated he would work to find the information requested and return.
  • Correspondence:
  • The Board reviewed the draft letter regarding zoning legislation provided by Bill Veno of the MV Commission.
  • The Board expressed general support for the letter and asked Ms. Christy to notify Mr. Veno that they are in support of the letter, but would like to wait until April 9, with a full complement of the Board, to vote to become signatory to the letter.
  • The Board decided to postpone action on the letter from the Dept. of the Interior Fish & Wildlife Service.
  • The Board briefly discussed the housing topic from Provincetown, provided by the Housing Committee. The Board decided to also postpone discussion on this information to a future meeting.
  • Minutes:
  • The minutes from Mar. 12, 2018 were reviewed and approved as written.
  • Next Meetings:
  • Monday, April 9, 2018, 4:30PM
  • Documents:
  • Action Items for Apr. 9,  2018 Meeting and future:
  • Obtain Total Living Area calculations from Mr. Abbot of the Scheuer properties.
  • Postpone the Provincetown tax incentive information to a future meeting.
  • Postpone the US Dept. of Interior letter and request for action to a future meeting.
  • Follow up with forward of information about climate preparedness to Highway Superintendent and ask for direction.
  • Keep track of the non-usual tasks that the Administrative Asst. is asked to perform
  • Signature of John Eisner on certification letter to VLSE re Map 35, Lot 1.5
  • Plan site visit to Map 21, Lot 41.1
  • Create an OPEN TOPIC LIST document for the Planning Board
Meeting adjourned at 5:38 PM. Minutes respectfully submitted by Jennifer L. Christy

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