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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Planning Board Subcommittee Minutes 11/13/17
Chilmark Planning Board Subcommittee Meeting
Monday, Nov. 13, 2017
Present: Janet Weidner, Chair, Joan Malkin, Peter Cook
Not Present:
Public: Seth Karlinsky
Staff: Jennifer L. Christy
Meeting called to order at 3:00PM:
  • Menemsha Master Plan Discussion: Review of Menemsha Corridor Plan for Improvement October 30, 2017: Meeting with Seth Karlinsky
  • Ms. Weidner welcomed Mr. Karlinsky and asked for any thoughts on the trash management and cleanliness of Menemsha after the season in Menemsha.
  • Mr. Karlinsky stated his view that the summary of trash management and cleanliness in the Chilmark Master Plan, Menemsha Report, Part 2 is complete. He noted he would like to continue the use of trash compactor receptacles.
  • Mr. Karlinsky described the extent of the trash problem in the season. He noted that it did not seem that more trash cans are the solution due to the fact that he often sees trash bags piled up next to empty or partially empty trash cans.
  • Ms. Malkin suggested that a dumpster be installed in Menemsha area to reduce the number of trash/compactor barrels/cans. Mr. Karlinsky stated that a dumpster often attracts people to dispose of their household trash. It was also noted that the “big belly” trash receptacles are a way to provide wi-fi for the area.
  • Mr. Karlinsky noted that there appears to be larger groups of people coming to the Menemsha beach area for celebrations and he noted this appeared to lead to a larger amount of trash left.
  • Mr. Cook asked whether recycling is provided in Menemsha. Mr. Karlinsky noted that the wi-fi trash receptacles to provide for recycling.
  • Mr. Karlinsky stated that the job of managing the trash and cleanliness and maintenance of the Comfort Station in Menemsha is a large job, in the season, and also needs to be clearly delineated. This past season, he noted, there were areas that were left undone (walk-ways not picked up, beach dept. equipment still out, road maintenance) that are not clearly in one entity’s or person’s list of responsibilities.
  • Mr. Karlinsky noted that there appears to be a need for oversight in Menemsha and, possibly, a public works department for Menemsha. Mr. Cook stated his interest in looking at the idea of a public works department.
  • Mr. Karlinsky noted that between November 1 through April 1 is the time to do maintenance projects in Menemsha.
  • Ms. Weidner asked Mr. Karlinsky about the porta-potty in Menemsha during the two weeks around July 4, 2017. Mr. Karlinsky noted that the porta-potty, for that period of time, was very successful in terms of service to people and kids, particularly, in the season. He mentioned that some others were unhappy with the aesthetics of a porta-potty. Mr. Karlinsky suggested that a platform be installed, possibly near the beach, but in any event at the Comfort Station area where a set of porta-potties could be installed during the season to supplement the inadequate facility.
  • Ms. Malkin noted that she would like to understand the division of duties of people working in Menemsha.
  • Mr. Karlinsky noted there are different groups of people that use Menemsha and they use the facilities and amenities differently. He stated that people who are on boats use the showers frequently and they do not necessarily make use of the amenities with care. Mr. Karlinsky detailed the very sorry state of the Comfort Station facility.
  • Mr. Karlinsky noted that a redo of the Comfort Station should include 5 toilets on each side (on the men’s side two of the toilets could be urinals). Mr. Karlinsky reiterated that the condition of the Comfort Station facility is very bad, the toilets cannot be attached to the floor anymore, the in-ground infrastructure is very deteriorated and the usage is heavy.
  • Ms. Malkin suggested that discussion of the plan for infrastructure improvement and implementation is a job for an oversight committee in Menemsha. She noted that the Master Plan committee needs to decide whether to include in the Master Plan that alternate ideas for serving Menemsha visitors vis-à-vis a Comfort Station need to be considered and investigated and the problems regarding trash need to be considered and solutions need to be explored.  Mr. Cook noted that the suggested Menemsha Review Board could be tasked with looking at specific areas, ideas and needs as noted in the Master Plan and recommended that that entity review the Master Plan’s conclusions and determine which topics need to be investigated and solved and which need to be delegated to other groups.
  • Mr. Cook noted that the ad-hoc approach to managing Menemsha does not appear to be currently working well. Ms. Malkin noted that a proposed Menemsha Review Board could start by listing who does what in Menemsha and then identify if that plan is a practical and efficient plan. The Menemsha Review Board would be the entity that investigates a replacement to the Comfort Station, Ms. Malkin suggested. She further stated that the subcommittee should include a recommendation for a more direct, specific and thorough review of the Comfort Station.
  • Ms. Malkin noted other things to include in the report:
  • Recommendation to eliminate storage around the Comfort Station
  • Recommendation to develop an overall plan for the various trash receptacles.
  • Recommendation for outdoor, unisex showers and the placement of porta-potties\
  • Recommendation to clearly determine the tasks in Menemsha for each season and who does each task in each season.
  • Make sure that the Highway Department is noted in the report as having a part in the cleanliness of the area in Menemsha.
  • Recommend signage that emphasizes “Carry In, Carry Out”.
  • Ms. Malkin noted that there are other areas in the report that delve into details of what should be done in Menemsha whereas the function of the report should be a general recommendation.
  • She suggested that the report should reflect that many concerns were brought to the subcommittee’s attention and part of the reason for suggesting a Menemsha Review Board is because there is a need for a more global management and oversight of the implementation of the various solutions to the issues that have arisen in Menemsha.
  • Mr. Cook clarified that the report and the report’s title should reflect that there were many suggestions and concerns that were raised, but that the subcommittee is not suggesting specific solutions. Rather, the subcommittee would like to suggest that the Town establish a Review Board which would be tasked with the protection and oversight of Menemsha.
  • Minutes:
  • October 30, 2017 were not reviewed.
  • Next Meetings:
  • Subcommittee Meeting, November 20, 2017, 3PM
  • Action Items for Nov. 20th:
  • Follow-up with Tim re Kris Horuichi, landscape architect, and her offer to do a pro-bono plan for the Greenebaum/North Road border area.
  • Follow up on the request to Mr. Brewster for a plan with a section and an elevation in the Greenebaum lot/North Road area.
  • Inquire with Tim regarding whether the Basin Road sign that is noted in the Brewster report could be moved.
  • Documents:
  • Chilmark Planning Menemsha Corridor Plan for Improvement: Analysis & Recommendations, dated October 30, 2017
  • Menemsha Master Plan Preliminary Report Part 2 dated 9/25/2017
Minutes respectfully submitted by Jennifer L. Christy

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