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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Planning Board Subcommittee Minutes 06/19/2017
Attachment NameAttachment SizeAttachment Date
Size: 31K
Last Updated: 2017/7/11
Chilmark Planning Board Subcommittee Meeting
Monday, June 19, 2017
Present: Janet Weidner, Chair,  Peter Cook, Joan Malkin
Not Present:
Staff: Jennifer L. Christy

Meeting called to order at 3:09PM:
  • Menemsha Master Plan Worksheet Review:
  • Ms. Weidner gave an overview of her spreadsheet work organizing the topics that have arisen in the work of the Menemsha Master Plan.
  • Ms. Malkin suggested that the subcommittee begin to write.
  • She suggested that there be two drafts: a philosophical master plan write-up and a list of “short-term” ideas to help the immediate situation in Menemsha.
  • Mr. Cook suggested agreed that two written documents, or “deliverables”, should be developed.
  • A long-term, philosophical document that will eventually become the Master Plan language.
  • A short-term document that gives the BOS direction on action by departments.
  • Ms. Weidner stated that she would return to the June 26th meeting with a document that divvies the ideas into long-term and short-term for the subcommittee to start developing written, deliverable, documents.
  • Menemsha Master Plan: Max King’s VTA Bus #12 Map DRAFT #4 Discussion:
  • The subcommittee reviewed the fourth draft of Max King’s map. Their comments were:
  • The subcommittee members had the following comments for the fourth draft of the map:
  • The members would like to eliminate the farmstand indicators.
  • The Members would like to alter the shop area on Basin Road to show three separate small blocks (with no indents and two would have three shops and one with one shop) each represented by the smaller shopping bag icon.
  • The members stated that they like the Chilmark word font but would like to confirm that Max King did not have a specific idea for utilizing the specific text that she utilized. Mr. Cook also noted that the large Chilmark word is not in italic whereas other names are in italics.
  • Mr. Cook suggested that the finished product be the size of four ledger size pieces of paper, 22x 34 for example, and post those in the bus shelter at the Park n’ ride at the Tabor House lot.
  • The members like this idea and asked Ms. Christy to determine the space available on the interior side walls of the shelter above the seating level.
  • Ms. Malkin suggested that the map at the Comfort Station should be the extra large version and be in a free-standing map holder.
  • The subcommittee members determined that they would like to present the finished map to the BOS on the July 11, 2017. Ms. Christy was asked to send the BOS a note, with the finished map, to ask to be placed on their agenda for the 11th.
  • HPP PLAN update:
  • Mr. Cook updated the subcommittee members on the activities of the HPP plans.
  • Next Meetings:
  • June 26, 2017: Ms. Christy was asked to make sure the Historical Commission comes to the June 26th meeting with a detailed description of what they want to add and why.
  • Minutes:
  • The minutes from May 8th, June 5th, and June 12th, 2017 were reviewed and approved as written.
  • Documents:
  • Version 4 of the Max King Menemsha Map
Adjourned at 4:05PM.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Jennifer L. Christy

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