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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Parks & Recreation Minutes 12/21/17

Present for the Park & Recreation Committee and attending the meeting were:           Andy Goldman, Chairman, Tim Carroll, Jim Malkin, Jane Slater, Julie Flanders and Chuck Hodgkinson.  Isaiah Scheffer, Donald Poole, Betsy Larsen, Bob Sloane,       Stanley Larsen and Annette Cingle also attended.  Warren Doty did not attend.  

The meeting came to order at 8:05 AM.

2018 discussion of bulkhead lot standards:  Mr. Goldman thanked everyone for attending and explained today is a working meeting to establish performance standards for the use of each bulkhead lot.  These bulkhead lots have been awarded to the current tenants for many years.  There are now many new people interested in securing a bulkhead lot to support their commercial fishing businesses.  Each lot will have its own set of standards that will be tailored to how each lot is utilized to support local commercial fishing.  These standards will be one of many sets of factors that will be used to determine whether or not the current tenants will have their leases renewed for calendar year 2019.

The Committee reviewed and discussed the standards for the commercial  establishments—Menemsha Fish Market, Larsen’s Fish Market, Menemsha Fish House and the Menemsha Texaco.  It was a consensus for the three fish markets that the annual reports of activity, species, amounts and fishermen from whom product was purchased will enable the committee to ascertain appropriate usage to permit lease renewals.  The Menemsha Texaco’s operating permit has established days of operation and provides an essential service for both the Town and fishing industry.  This will suffice as its standard of use.

With regard to the other lots the committee began with Lot 1A – Wes Brighton and Scott McDowell as tenants.  Ms. Cingle speaking on behalf of Scott McDowell suggested that sales slips of fish sold commercially be accepted in fulfillment of standards requirements.

Shellfish Constable Isaiah Scheffer added the Shellfish Department has a policy to annually review the production yield for each oyster farming grant and determine whether or not to renew each grant based upon productivity.  He said the threshold standard of purchasing 100,000 oyster seed with a yield of 10,000 sold per year was far exceeded by most of the current grant holders.  As to other species the Committee was satisfied to review actual reports of landings and sales rather than establishing specific thresholds to provide flexibility for unique circumstances that might adversely impact a specific year’s performance.

The performance standards for Lots 6A (Matt Mayhew) and 7A (Karsten Larsen) will be discussed at the January 18 meeting.

Schedule product list review meeting among Menemsha Fish Market, Larsen’s Fish Market, Menemsha Texaco and the Menemsha Market proprietors:  The Committee agreed to postpone this discussion until a future date – after the lot use standards are developed.

2018 bulkhead lease payments:  The following leases with 2018 payments were reviewed and signed by Mr. Goldman for recommendation to the Selectmen.

Alec Gale Lot 5A:                               $1617.22
Betsy Larsen Lot 4A:                            $1617.22
Marshall Carroll Lot 9A:                        $1617.22
Matt Mayhew Lot 6A:                     $    50.00
Donald Poole Lot 3A:                            $  200.00
Stanley Larsen Lot 2A:                  $1819.37
Karsten Larsen Lot 7A: ($50)                             N/A
Scott McDowell, Wes Brighton Lot 1A:    $200 paid in October


The November 30, 2017 meeting minutes were reviewed and approved as presented by consensus.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 9:20 AM.

The next meeting will be January 18, 2018 @ 8:00 AM.

Respectfully submitted, Chuck Hodgkinson, CAS

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