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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Parks & Recreation Minutes 11/09/17

Present for the Park & Recreation Committee and attending the meeting were:           Andy Goldman, Chairman, Warren Doty, Tim Carroll, Jane Slater, Julie Flanders and Chuck Hodgkinson.  Karsten Larsen, Alec Gale and Matt Mayhew also attended.          Jim Malkin did not attend.

The meeting came to order at 8:01 AM.

Menemsha Bulkhead 2018 Lot Lease Interviews:  

Mr. Goldman welcomed Karsten Larsen (Lot 7A) and asked him to review his plans for 2018.  Mr. Larsen said his lot is always well tended, clean and had a successful summer selling his sushi and sashimi.  He added the Board of Health required him to install the umbrella for shade because he is selling raw fish for consumption.  He added he would like to expand his business and building for next summer.  The proposed menu would include sushi, sashimi, a raw bar and maybe seaweed salad.  He will not sell anything that is already sold in Betsy’s and Stanley’s fish markets.  The Committee asked if there is a connection between Mr. Larsen’s commercial fishing and his retail business.  He said he is buying local fish for his sashimi that is prepared at Larsen’s Fish Market.  He also said he does not have a place to relocate the building each winter—as requested by the Conservation Commission.  He added he is planning to use his building to shuck scallops this fall and winter.  He said he is carrying $2 million in liability insurance through MV Insurance Company.

The Committee reminded Mr. Larsen that it needs to approve his expansion plans for the building before any work is done.  He agreed and the Committee thanked Mr. Larsen for reviewing his plans and efforts to keep the parking area free of debris.

The Committee waited a while to see if Donald Poole (Lot 3A) was perhaps running late.  After ten minutes Mr. Carroll suggested sending Donald a letter via certified mail inquiring about his intentions.  Mr. Goldman said he would draft the letter and invite    Mr. Poole to attend the November 16 meeting to discuss his plans for 2018.

Mr. Goldman welcomed Alec Gale (Lot 5A).  Mr. Gale outlined his plans to open a wholesale and retail operation at the airport with his partner which will alleviate the problems with garbage, parking and noise.  The airport operations would help alleviate the congestion and noise of all the trucks that are parked outside the Fish House.  Specifically, the refrigerated and freezer trucks will be stored at the airport along with the smaller delivery trucks.  He added the plan is to only have one delivery of fresh fish to the Fish House every other morning for processing and re-packing.  The delivery truck would then leave with the processed fish for market.  The Fish House will need to keep its refrigerator on the harbor side of his building.  The Committee complimented           Mr. Gale on his success and expressed appreciation on his efforts to keep Menemsha free of the truck traffic and noise.  Mr. Gale handed out a detailed list of his 2016 and 2017 fish buying and sales activities including the breakout of local fish bought and sold.  There was also a schedule of fish he has sold at a discount to the schools.  The Committee thanked Mr. Gale for his time.

Mr. Goldman invited Matt Mayhew (Lot 6A) to share his 2018 plans.  Mr. Mayhew said his oyster farming operations generated sales of 60,000 oysters this year.  He added his plan is to eventually become a full-time fisherman while reducing his time as a licensed electrician.  He added Mr. Gale’s airport operation may also reduce the need for Mr. Gale to use lot 6A for Fish House storage.  The Committee asked if he has plans to place a building on his lot.  Mr. Mayhew said he has no plans for a building at this time.  He then handed the Committee a letter outlining his wish to open a store that exclusively sells shellfish and fin fish locally caught from Vineyard waters.  Mr. Mayhew also thought at this time the folks in Menemsha and summer visitors would not want another structure blocking the drive-up view of the harbor.  Mr. Mayhew also mentioned that some of the debris and gear that accumulates during the summer is from the seasonal, transient fishermen who tie up.  The Committee thanked Mr. Mayhew for his considered comments about the Village.


The October 26, 2017 meeting minutes were reviewed and approved as presented by consensus.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 8:55 AM.

The next meeting will be November 16, 2017 @ 9:20 AM.

Respectfully submitted, Chuck Hodgkinson, CAS

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