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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Parks & Recreation Minutes 05/11/17

Present for the Park & Recreation Committee and attending the meeting were:           Andy Goldman, Chairman, Julie Flanders, Warren Doty, Tim Carroll and Chuck Hodgkinson.  Rodney Bunker and Tim Broderick also attended.  Jane Slater did not attend.     

The meeting came to order at 8:06 AM.  

8-acre Town lot behind the land fill—Map 13 Lot 35:  Mr. Doty explained Selectmen Malkin is working on a plan for this parcel of land for review with the Board of Selectmen.  It will evaluate uses such as gear storage for the Shellfish and Highway Departments; Fire Department training exercises and a section for Menemsha fishermen gear storage.  Mr. Malkin’s recommendation will also include the power and water needs and the timing.  In discussion it was agreed it should not be the Town’s responsibility to make storage arrangements or provide power for private businesses.  The Committee thanked Mr. Doty and looks forward to reviewing the plan.  A motion was made to send a letter of support for the Menemsha fishermen gear storage use and to also consider access alternatives for this lot.  The motion was seconded and unanimously approved with four in favor.

Lot 1 A:  John Armstrong fishing shack donation to the Town. The Committee had already read town counsel’s advice on accepting this generous donation.  A motion was made to endorse the donation of John Armstrong’s fishing shack.  The motion was seconded and unanimously approved with four in favor.  Mr. Doty will provide Selectmen feedback at the Committee’s June meeting.

Selectmen Update:  Town-owned fishing shack on lot 3 A (Donald Poole’s lot).  Cost to upgrade wiring:  $2,095.  Mr. Doty explained the Selectmen did not have the           FY 2017 funds to pay for this upgrade.  It was agreed it might be a good use should voters approve a CPA fund request for restoring town-owned fishing shack(s) and managed by the Park & Recreation Committee -- just as the Historical Commission manages the CPA fund for restoring stone walls along public ways.  In the meantime the Committee asked Chuck H. to update Mr. Poole on this decision and remind him it is his responsibility to keep the shack safe as directed at the town meeting when the donation of the shack was approved by voters.

Town-owned fishing shack(s):  Park & Recreation request for a $20,000 CPA fund appropriation to restore and bring wiring up to power code—as needed.  The Committee discussed this idea and a motion was made to request a $20,000 CPA Park & Recreation appropriation to restore the exterior of the town-owned fishing shack(s) and bring the wiring up to code as needed.  The motion was seconded.  In discussion it was agreed to request this for voter consideration at this fall’s Special Town Meeting—should one be scheduled.

Possible bulkhead lot availabilities.  The Committee discussed how each of the lots is used by the current tenants.  It was agreed to send a letter to all tenants with the new Rules & Regulations and the new Lot Lease for this calendar year and to mention a letter with Rules and Regulations, lease and an application will be sent later this fall for calendar year 2018.  All applications will be reviewed by the Committee and the signed leases with the payment will be due in December as outlined in the lease agreement.      Mr. Goldman added he will draft a lease addendum for the Committee’s review for lot leases that include town-owned fishing shacks.

Draft application form for a bulkhead lot request.  The draft content outline for the annual Bulkhead lot lease application was reviewed.  It was agreed to not ask the applicant to specify species of fish they plan to harvest.  Mr. Goldman offered to draft an application for review at the next meeting.

Topics not reasonably anticipated by the Chair:  Mr. Goldman welcomed Mr. Bunker to the meeting.  He outlined some of the problems and maintenance issues with the structures in the small playground behind the Menemsha Schoolhouse—now Police Station.  Specifically he would like to remove the rusty chain-link backstop, the rotten wood fence and remove the small sandbox that is not used.  After discussion a motion was made to recommend to the Selectmen the removal of the chain-link backstop and the wooden fence to safely maintain the property.  The removal of the sand box will not be done at this time.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously with four in favor.  Mr. Bunker thanked the Committee for its time.

The April 13, 2017 meeting minutes were reviewed and approved as presented by consensus.

The next meeting will be June 8, 2017 @ 8:00 am.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 9:30 AM.

Respectfully submitted, Chuck Hodgkinson, CAS

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