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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Housing Committee Minutes 10/12/17
Chilmark Housing Committee
Thursday, October 12, 2017 9:00am
Chilmark Town Hall, 401 Middle Road, Chilmark, MA Conference Room 1

Committee Members Present:  Jim Feiner (chair), William Randol, Jessica Roddy, Ann Wallace, Bill Rossi, Roland Kluver, Andy Goldman, Jessie Holtham (admin)
Others Present: Peter Cook
Members Absent: Michelle Leonardi

Meeting was called to order at 9:05am

Minutes from 8/10/17 were not approved.  The committee agreed to approve without review the 8/10 minutes when updated by Jess Roddy and Admin. 9/14 minutes were moved to next meeting.

Chilmark’s first Accessory Apartment was approved.

Guest House bylaw
The Planning board requests recommendations from the Housing Committee regarding increasing the size of guest houses and removing the 5 year restriction.
Discussed the suggested increase from 800  1,000sq ft. *See attached supporting PB document. Topic moves to next meeting.

Nantucket Housing Initiative / Multi-family Housing
A single family house was recently turned into 3 separate households.  Chilmark currently has no multi-family dwellings or single-room occupancy (boardinghouses).  Current bylaws allow duplex units.  CHC asked Peter Cook if the Planning Board was currently looking at multi-family housing. Cook replied that the PB had not discussed the topic.
CHC suggested the Planning Board discuss multi-family housing. A committee member commented that the Joint Affordable Housing Group is currently discussing the topic.
Cook reports the PB is waiting to see what develops as a plan/template for the next AH project at Peaked Hill.  Chairman suggests the PB does not wait for the CHC’s Peaked Hill plan but make the topic of multi-family housing a stand-alone issue as Peaked Hill process could be years away.

Peaked Hill Subcommittee
Selectmen Rossi reports that the Peaked Hill process currently is standing with the CHC who is responsible for this project.  Andy Goldman suggested a sub-committee be appointed and charged with accomplishment goals, timeline and concepts for the Peaked Hill site.

Rental Assistance Program Application
The Committee reviewed the draft program statement of purpose and suggested edits to the Rental Assistance program application.  
Discussed the rental assistance rent-rate caps set in 2003 and the possibility of raising the rent cap to incentivize landlords to remain in the program. Chairman suggest rental rates be assessed every 2 years and add to CHC Calendar. Discussion of rental rate caps moved to next meeting and request from DCRHA the Rent Schedule chart to include 100% AMI line.

Discussed tax incentives for those who create affordable housing.  Added topic to next agenda.

Second Mortgage Initiative
Draft letter sent to Selectmen’s meeting.  Selectman Rossi passed on comments and approval from the BoS to send a similar letter.  Chairman will finalize a letter to all Homesite recipients. Housing Committee recommends the Homesite appraisals be paid for by the Town from the Molly Flender Municipal Housing Trust fund.

 A Molly Flender Municipal Housing Trust meeting will be called in November.  Topics to include; Peaked Hill surveying and appraisals for Homesite valuations for second-mortgages.

MLR Turnover Inspections
All committee members have visited the interior of the MLR units.

Flyer at Tax-bill mailing
In an effort to create awareness of affordable housing issues and promote community action, Selectman Malkin suggested reaching out to townspeople in a flyer included with their tax bill mailing. Committee members will draft a flyer based on the July 2017 mailing.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45am.

Respectfully submitted by Jessie Holtham

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