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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Housing Committee Minutes 08/04/14
C H I L M A R K   H O U S I N G   C O M M I T T E E
Monday, August 4, 2014
Chilmark Town Hall,

Present:  Andrew Goldman, Jessica Roddy, Michele Leonardi, Jim Feiner, Roland Kluver, Bill Randol
Not Present: Ann Wallace, Bill Rossi
Staff:  Jennifer Christy, Tim Carroll, Chuck Hodgkinson
Public: Christine Flynn, MVC

The meeting was called to order at 3:06PM

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) FY15:
  • Christine Flynn introduced herself and updated the committee on the FY15 CDBG. Christine gave a short description of the program and its benefits to island residents through housing & childcare grants. Christine itemized the successes of the program. Christine further announced that 1.7 million has been confirmed to be granted to the island as of the announcement by Governor Deval Patrick.
  • Christine described the required Community Development Strategy that each community must develop and have approved by the Selectmen. Christine is asking that the committee review the document from last year, FY14, in order for the document to be updated for this year, FY15. The committee agreed to review the Housing sections of the development strategy and reply to Christine with their comments.
Community Preservation Committee (CPC): Rental Assistance Funding Request:
  • Chuck Hodgkinson described the need for funding of the rental assistance program to take it through the rest of the FY15 year. Chuck recommends the committee write a memo to the CPC recommending a $50,000 fund request.
  • Andy made a motion to write a memo to the CPC recommending $50,000 to be appropriated at a Special Town Meeting for the purposes of funding the rental assistance program through FY15.
  • Chuck distributed a draft memo from the Housing Committee to the CPC. Jim Feiner signed the letter and gave to Chuck to deliver to the CPC for their review.
Implementation Guidelines Discussion:
  • Jessica stated her concern with changes that may be needed in the Implementation Guidelines before the committee moves forward in the Nabs Corner project.
  • On Page 4, E.
  • Discussion occurred about whether this section may need to be revised.
  • On Page 4, F.
  • Discussion occurred about whether this section may need to be revised.
  • On Page 5, ii.
  • Jessica noted an error in this section.
  • Revision Discussion:
  • Discussion occurred regarding whether the Implementation Guidelines should be revised prior to the Nabs Corner applicant procedure. No action was taken at this time but it was agreed that a review of the Implementation Guidelines need to occur in the near future.
Nab’s Corner Policies & Ground Lease:
  • Tim reviewed the changes to the ground lease and provided a draft of the ground lease. Blue highlighting indicated policy points that need to be discussed. Yellow highlighting indicated text that needs to be reviewed.
  • Policy issues:
  • 4.4: The committee reviewed the section but made no change.
  • 4.5: The committee reviewed the section but made no change.
  • 7.3: The committee reviewed the discrepancy between this section and 10.10. The committee agreed to add “bathrooms” to 10.10.
  • 7.4: The committee reviewed the section and discussed the possibility of striking or amending it. Jessica made a motion to strike everything after the word ‘consistent’and insert ‘with the character of the neighborhood.’
  • 9.5: The committee reviewed the section and made no change.
  • 10.2: The committee reviewed the section and a motion was made to amend the section as outline in the draft provided by Tim. The motion was seconded. All ayes.
  • 10.3: The committee reviewed the section. Discussion occurred regarding affordable housing in perpetuity. The question of whether an heir, who is not income qualified, may inherit the affordable house was discussed. Jessica made a motion to allow the inheritance by a non-eligible purchaser heir once. Andy seconded the motion. All ayes.
  • 10.10: The committee reviewed the section and noted the changes, discussed earlier, where the word ‘bathrooms’ would be inserted.
  • 10.13: The committee reviewed the section and suggested that a sentence be added: “The town shall be entitled, at its discretion, to collect a fee.” The committee agreed to recommend the addition of this sentence.
  • Article 11: The committee reviewed the section and discussed a cap on the length of subletting period. No changes were suggested.
Nab’s Corner Road Association:
  • Tim distributed a map showing the abutters to the road and he suggested sending a road association document to these abutters.
  • Discussion occurred regarding the access off Ridge Hill Road and plans for extinguishing the entrance on that road to the Nabs Corner lots.
  • Lot 14 & 16-1 appear to be the only lots using the road in addition to future Nabs Corner residents. Discussion occurred regarding lots 47-3 & 47-5 and whether those lots would be accessing the same road. Tim stated his understanding was that the road was to be blocked off to those lots and they would be accessing their lots as usual through the existing road. Jim questioned this plan. Jim stated that he had originally offered the Town to use the existing road, and curb cut, and allow everyone to cross the road to access the Nabs Corner lots and beyond. Jim stated it seemed unwise to close the road off. Tim stated it would require the town to return to the Planning Board to change the plan if the existing road would not be extinguished and a new curb cut and access would not be created. Tim asked that it be stated in the minutes that the real estate agent (Jim) was unaware that the Town understood a new curb cut and access would need to be established for the Nabs Corner sites and the lots beyond (14 & 16-1.) Jim stated he gave the town an easement on Ridge Hill Road.
  • Discussion occurred regarding the setbacks and building envelopes of the building sites on the Nabs Corner homesites. A survey has been done of the sites. Septic systems will not be designed and sited until the wells are placed. Discussion occurred regarding some of the small building envelopes for Nabs Corner lots.
Nabs Corner Applicant Procedure:
  • Discussion occurred about the requirement of a CORI check. It was agreed that more information is needed and the item would be on the Housing Committee agenda for August 18th.
Accessory Apartment Bylaw Draft:
  • Draft #12
  • Jessica briefly reviewed the draft and noted changes she will be making before bringing it before the meeting for a vote.
Minutes: The minutes of the meeting on June 21, 2014  were reviewed. The minutes were approved with changes. All ayes.

Meeting adjourned at 4:30PM

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