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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Historical Commission Minutes 04/18/17
Present for the Historical Commission and attending the meeting were:  Jane Slater, Chair,    Lenny Jason, Steve McGhee, Jim Malkin, John Flender and Chuck Hodgkinson.  Reid Silva, Chuck Sullivan, Steve Axelrod, Sandra Schpoont and Allison Burger also attended.  Barbara Armstrong and Steve Flanders did not attend.

The meeting came to order at 4:00 PM.

Chuck Sullivan; 365 Middle Road; Map 26 Lot 84:  The Commission welcomed the new property owners to Chilmark and the meeting and introduced themselves.  Before asking          Mr. Sullivan to review the revisions to the plans that were reviewed at the March 21 meeting    Ms. Slater read the zoning bylaw aloud for the record and explained the Commission’s role in this town permitting process.  She then read the description of the historic “Turnbull” house as outlined as an important historic town resource in the Town’s Master Plan.

Town Master Plan historic resource # 94:  Frederick Mayhew-Dilley-Turnbull house, “Middle Mark,” c. 1880, Middle Road.  House and barn part of Arthur U. Dilley estate so named by him.

Mr. Sullivan then summarized the Commission’s concerns raised at the last meeting and reviewed how he and the owners have tried to address the issues.  The addition to the north side has been moved farther east and reduced to 860 sq. ft. from 906 sq. ft.  Other changes to the historic structure were:

South side:  3 windows will be replaced with four windows; a door will be relocated and another section of 2 windows will be replaced with three windows.

West side:  Two windows will be added on both sides of the fire place.

East side:  The door will be removed and replaced with a window.

North side:  The door will be replaced with a window.

No changes will be made to the ‘post office” wing of the house.  The Committee deliberated on the original location for the post office section.  Ms. Slater thought it might have also been used as the original Menemsha Market.

The Committee appreciated the improvements planned for the historic house.  Ms. Slater thanked the owners again for attending and said too often this Commission has had to give up on Chilmark’s historic houses.  The other members agreed and thanked the owners for respecting and preserving this house and part of Chilmark history.  Regarding the size of the addition the Commission agreed most people will be looking at the ocean view to the south and will not notice the addition to the north.

A motion was made to draft a report to the Board of Appeals endorsing the renovation plans for the historic house and expressly say the changes preserve the integrity of the historic features of the exterior of the house.  The motion was seconded and unanimously approved with five in favor.

Mid-20th century houses:  Review the Assessors list of houses built in the 1950’s and 1960’s was deferred to the next meeting due to time constraints.

Review notes from the Lucy Vincent Diaries:  Ms. Slater explained the hand-written notes in these diaries and their significance.

Administration:  The March 21, 2017 meeting minutes were reviewed and approved as presented by consensus.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, May 16, 2017 @ 4:00 PM.  

With no further business the meeting adjourned at 4:45 PM.  

Respectfully submitted by Chuck Hodgkinson, CAS.

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