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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Historical Commission Minutes 05/19/15
Present for the Historical Commission and attending the meeting were:  Lenny Jason, Barbara Armstrong, Steve McGhee, John Flender and Chuck Hodgkinson.  Bette Carroll, Jane Slater and Karin Wetmore were absent.  Also attending were Chuck Sullivan, Ira Goldklang, Cilla Lavin, Reid Silva and Tom Tate.  

The meeting came to order at 5:02 PM.  

The Commission unanimously appointed Ms. Armstrong as acting Chair.

BENJAMIN FLETCHER MAYHEW-JONATHAN HILLMAN-PIORE HOUSE circa 1760;     # 17 Master Plan Historic Resource; 1 Crowberry Lane; Map 14 Lot 9.1:  Mr. Sullivan introduced the new owners of this historic house – Ira Goldklang and Cilla Lavin.  The Commission welcomed them to Chilmark and introduced themselves.  Mr. Sullivan shared photos of this historic house and the history of subsequent additions from the 1970’s.  He then reviewed a plan to build a 12-foot addition onto the historic section of the house.  The space is needed for a laundry room, ½ bath and small pantry.  He also said they would like to add two windows to increase the natural light.  The windows will be a similar size to the existing windows and match the detailing of the original house windows.  The addition will also have similar roof lines and trim as the original house.  After brief discussion a motion was made to approve the changes described by Mr. Sullivan as they seem to preserve the architectural integrity of the historic structure.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously with four in favor.

NORTON-DANIEL JONES-OSBORN TILTON-HARRIS HOUSE; 34 Brickyard Road; Map 9 Lot 2.4.  This property is Master Plan Historic Resource # 4 and described as follows:  “c. 1715.  Built by Jacob Norton on Noman’s Land, moved in 1813 to present location east of Roaring Brook by Shubael Norton.  Altered at the time.  Roof originally thatched.  Property acquired by Nathaniel Harris in 1867, and remains in his family.  A 19th century brick barn c. 1852 was destroyed by 1944 hurricane.  Lower level was roofed over and shelters cattle.  One of three barns built of reject bricks from brickyard at Roaring Brook.

Mr. Tate updated the Commission on the historic house and brick barn restorations.  He explained the foundation for the house is not stable or water proof and he recommends raising the house and placing a new basement foundation underneath.  The exposed areas of foundation will have a field stone veneer.  The first floor system and sill cannot be saved.  The house will subsequently be about 8 inches higher.  He would also like to replicate the existing original windows with new windows and have a blind balance system in lieu of the original sticks that hold the windows open.  Mr. Tate estimated about 80 percent of the windows are still original.

The Commission talked about re-using the original glass and saving as many of the original windows as possible.  There were mixed opinions about the blind balance system.  After much discussion and to clarify what is requested a motion was made to approve the foundation plans as described; to allow exact replicas of the original windows to be used but, only for those windows that cannot be saved.  The motion was seconded.  In discussion Mr. Tate agreed he will restore as many windows as possible.  The motion passed unanimously with four in favor.
Mr. Tate also said the barn will need a new foundation.  He thought the stones from the original foundation can be used on the property.  The Commission discussed the importance of this brick barn and its restoration and preservation.  The need for a Zoning Variance under Article 6 Section 6.3 was discussed at length.  A motion was made to send a letter of support for preserving the 28-foot height of the brick barn.  The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.  Chuck H. will draft the letter.
DEWOLF THOMPSON PHOTOGRAPHS:   Chuck H. communicated with Becky Thompson who is currently trying to obtain and organize the negatives and photographs.  She will contact us about the possibility of sharing the photographs when the time comes.

AUGUST GUEST SPEAKER:  Chuck H. confirmed Adam Moore of Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation will gladly host a talk at the Chilmark Library on Wednesday, August 19                  @ 5:00 PM.  He will discuss the significant restoration of the historic Mayhew-Hancock-Mitchell house on Quansoo Farm – circa 1655.  Mr. Moore will also host a guided tour of the house and project the following morning, August 20 @ 9:00 AM.

2015 HISTORICAL COMMISSION AWARD:  Chuck H. informed the Commission that        Ms. Slater sent a letter to Bette Carroll about her election as this year’s Historical Commission award winner.  The engraved brass name plate is installed on the plaque in Town Hall.

ADMINISTRATION:  The March 17, 2015 meeting minutes were reviewed and unanimously approved as presented by consensus.  The next meeting will be on Tuesday, July 21 @ 5:30 PM.
With no further business to conduct the meeting adjourned at 5:55 PM.  

Respectfully submitted by Chuck Hodgkinson, CAS.

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