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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
BOH Minutes Oct 25 2017
C h i l m a r k   B o a r d   o f   H e a l t h
M i n u t e s
Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Chilmark Town Hall
5:00 pm

Present:  Katie Carroll, Matt Poole, Jan Buhrman
Also Present: Reid Silva, Chris Alley, George Sourati, Debra Sedino (architect for Harris hearing)

Minutes of September 20, 2017 were approved.

Caldwell, 77 Middle Road (12-9) George Sourati presented a septic upgrade permit application and plan for the construction of a three bedroom pumped system which does not require variances and was approved by the Board.

Neumann, 75 State Road (30-64)  George Sourati presented a septic upgrade plan for a five-bedroom system which does not require variances and was approved by the Board with the condition that the installer must receive direct instructions from the engineer prior to installation.

5:30pm Public Hearing:
Harris, 14 Ocean View Farm Road (25-101)  Reid Silva proposed a plan to install composting toilet and a greywater system to serve a pre-existing, non-conforming lot with an existing three-bedroom house.  Given the reduction credit for a greywater, as opposed to a standard Title 5 system, the proposed greywater leach field would supply capacity for one additional bedroom.  The existing 1,000 tank would serve the greywater system. The Health Department has not received comments on the public hearing notice.

The architect for the property described the proposed composting toilets for the dwelling as a Clivus Multrum, with storage capacity in the unfinished basement.

The Board noted the extremely restrictive nature of the property, which includes wetland areas, and that standard septic capacity would be limited to three bedrooms.  The property will not be entitled to four bedrooms by right unless the composting toilet system remains in place. Should the composting toilets be removed by a property owner in the future, removal of a fourth bedroom would also be required.

The Board approved the construction permit, which will be released when a copy of the installation manual and name of the installer is provided to the Health Department.

5:45pm Public Hearing:
Waitzkin, 6 Ocean View Farm Road (25-113):   Reid Silva presented a proposed septic system upgrade that requires variance of the BOH regulation requiring 150’ separation between the leaching field and wetland down to 56’.   The Board requested that one more test hole should be done at the property and that soil test data collected by Kent Healy in 2000 should be made available.  The Board continued its consideration of the proposed upgrade to its next meeting, which will be on October 25.

Two Sisters, 35 Harlock Pond Road (1-12)  Reid Silva discussed a proposed septic plan and well permit application for an 8.x acre lot in Seven Gates that is undeveloped.  The Board discussed options for the lot in future, and approved a well construction permit.  A septic permit application, including a plan showing the possibility of constructing two systems in full compliance for a future guest house after five-year occupancy will be submitted at a future meeting.

Breuer, 5 Lovey’s Cove (33-124)  Chris Alley presented a septic plan revision which had foreseen spare capacity for a future detached bedroom in a garage, which is now planned to be installed along with the septic system.  The Board specify that a 2” tie to the 4” line must be specifically approved by the design engineer as shown on the revised plan, and approved the revision.

Gould III, 2 Hawk Valley Road (18-5) Chris Alley proposed a septic system tie-in for a proposed one-bedroom addition.  The existing septic system has eight bedroom capacity, and the existing house has six bedrooms as confirmed by a bedroom count conducted on September 14, 2016.  The Board approved the permit.

Muglia, Blue Barque Road (17-38.2)   Chris Alley presented a septic construction permit application for a six-bedroom septic system to serve a proposed four bedroom house.  The Board approved the permit, pending receipt of a well completion report for a well, which will be located on the adjacent property.

Oberfest, 12 Valley Lane, (3-48) The Board reviewed a replacement well permit application prepared by John Clarke of Island Water Source.  The area proposed for the well location does not require variances and was approved by the Board, with the existing failed well to be properly decommissioned in accordance with DEP Private Well Guidelines.

Pase, 2 Pepperbush Lane (13-6.3) John Clarke submitted a well replacement permit application to replace a well now yielding on 2 gpm.  The proposed replacement well will be drilled in the immediate vicinity to the old well, which will be decommissioned. The Board approved the proposed replacement well.

Rodent Control in Menemsha:  The Board asked Marina Lent to prepare a letter to the Parks and Recreation Committee, cc’d to Selectmen and Executive Secretary, suggesting that future Basin Road lot lease agreements should contain a requirement to institute a pest control program on the lot.  

Update on Landfill: The town is preparing to move its shellfish equipment and highway department shed to the area near the landfill.  Other changes to the area are also proposed, which will likely require review of the post-closure use agreement by the Department of Environmental Protection.  The Board asked Marina Lent to get a full report on plans for the LDO and landfill area, and to report back to the Board.

MVRD BOH representatives:  The Board asked Marina Lent to check with current BOH appointments to the MVRD to ascertain whether they are willing to be re-appointed to serve another term.  The Board also invites its representatives to come before the Board to report developments of interest regarding solid waste management of the town, region, and island.

Tobacco Control Regulation violation, June 16, 2017 Chilmark Store:  The Board noted that the Chilmark Store was found in violation by federal inspection services in June 2017.  This represents a 50% failure rate of state and federal compliance checks, due to sales made to minors, over the past three years.  The Board reviewed and amended a letter addressed to Chilmark Store owners regarding the violation, and asked Marina Lent to have the owners attend a Board meeting this fall to discuss this important matter.

Title 5 Official Inspection Report:  Leahy, 3 Tennis Lane (3-30);  

The following Invoices were approved for payment:
  • MVRD quarterly drop-off $7,587.56
  • MVRD SEMASS $2,252.83
  • Wampanoag Lab CCC bac test Q3 $75
The meeting adjourned at 19:15 hours.

_______________________              _______________________                       _______________________
Katherine L. Carroll, Chair                 Matthew Poole                                       Janet L. Buhrman
Chilmark Board of Health                   Chilmark Board of Health                     Chilmark Board of Health

A recording of this meeting is on file at the Board of Health office and available for on-site review.

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