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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
BOH Minutes Sep 20 2017
C h i l m a r k ~ B o a r d ~ o f ~ H e a l t h
M i n u t e s
Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Chilmark Town Hall
5:00 pm

Present:~ Katie Carroll, Matt Poole, Jan Buhrman

Also Present:~ Reid Silva (Vineyard Land Surveying)

Minutes of August 16 and September 6 2017 were approved.

Cohen, 4 Chockers Lane (33-50) The Board reviewed a well replacement permit application for an existing 3-bedroom house.  The plan requires the following variances: leaching field to locus well 101’.  The Board approved the revised plan, stating that the existing well is to be properly decommissioned in accordance with DEP private well guidelines.

Waitzkin, 6 Ocean View Farm Road (25-113)  Reid Silva presented a septic system upgrade plan for a 2.8 acre parcel with will require a variance between the leaching field and wetland of 56’.  Per BoH Regulations, an upgrade requiring a wetland separation of less than 100’ will require a public hearing, and the Board set the date and time for the hearing at its next meeting, scheduled for October 11th, at 5:45pm.

Iantosca, 11 Wooton Bassett Lane (24-30.2)  The Board reviewed a proposed septic system construction for a proposed two bedroom guest house.  The main house is served by an existing tank-and-pit system, and the plan does not require variances.  The Board approved the proposed plan.

Steck, Brickyeard Road (9-2.8)  Reid Silva presented a septic system construction plan for a 10-bedroom, 10 ½ acre property.  It will be a pumped system that does not require variances, and was approved by the Board, contingent upon receipt by the Board of Health office of a well completion report and potability test.

Axler, 5 Tysbury Manor Road (18-50.3)   Reid Silva presented a septic plan revision to expand the leaching capacity from 6 bedrooms to 8 bedrooms to accommodate a future guest house.  The proposed plan does not require variances, and the Board approved the plan, contingent on receipt of an updated plan showing that the future septic tank and line to the leaching field is not to be installed at this time, since, before a guest house can be approved, the Board must review a plan showing that the property is capable of supporting two separate fully compliant systems.  

VNA-CC FY’18 contract:  The Board discussed a proposed listing of activities under its nursing contract with the Visiting Nurse Service of Cape Cod.  The listing places emphasis on increasing home visits to Chilmark residents, which is a high priority for the Board.  The Board also supports holding nursing consultations at the daytime warming center for island residents who are homeless, and suggested that up to two such consultations per week, which would be reimbursed as an island-wide activity, would be appropriate.  Discussions on the public nursing program also continue among island health agents and staff at the monthly Health Agents meeting.  The Board asked Marina Lent to convey the draft list of activities to the VNA.  The Board also asked Marina Lent to check in with the Council on Aging, the Emergency Manager, Police and other town officials about the list of residents who could be checked on during an emergency such as an impending hurricane or snowstorm.

Tick Borne Illness Prevention Program:   Matt Poole reported to the Board that a recent donation will enable the tick-borne illness prevention program to ramp up to pursue significant progress, particularly in deer herd reduction.  A program on Nantucket enabling venison to be donated to food pantries shows promise and we plan to initiate a similar program here, possibly as early as this fall.  Part of the program is to provide subsidies for the cost to butcher the deer to incentivize hunters to increase their take.  The Board discussed the possibility of approaching seasonal restaurants with appropriate facilities to provide a licensed space for butchering to be carried out during the fall hunting season. The Board expressed strong support for this initiative.

The following invoices were approved for payment:

  • VNA July case management plus August invoice:  $ 998.75
The meeting adjourned at 18:45 hours.

_______________________~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ _______________________ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ _______________________
Katherine L. Carroll, Chair ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Matthew Poole ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~                 Janet L. Buhrman
Chilmark Board of Health ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Chilmark Board of Health ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~       Chilmark Board of Health

A recording of this meeting is on file at the Board of Health office and available for on-site review.

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