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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
BOH Minutes Jun 21 2017
C h i l m a r k   B o a r d   o f   H e a l t h
M i n u t e s
Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Chilmark Town Hall
5:00 pm

Present:  Katie Carroll, Matt Poole, Jan Buhrman

Also Present:  Luiza Vickers,  Janice Brown, Robert Brown, Aaron Brown and Lindsey Brown, Reid Silva (Vineyard Land Surveying), Chris Alley (Schofield, Barbini & Hoehn)

Perc Season:  The Board decided that the perc season is now closed.

Squibnocket District Pesticide/Herbicide Bylaw: The Board reviewed the Chilmark Zoning Bylaw for Squibnocket which specifies as Prohibited Uses “Use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, chemical septic system cleaners and such other substnaces as may be determined by the Board of Health” (Section 12.6.H.1).  The Board feels that the bylaw allows for the BOH to add substances to the list of prohibited uses, but does not give the Board the power to exempt substances considered chemical herbicides, pesticides, fungicides etc from the prohibition in the bylaw.

Squibnocket Pond District Advisory Committee Appointment Process:  The Board took note of draft appointment procedures for the SPDAC, under which the Board of Health appoints one member.  Liz Gude has served as the BOH appointee in the past.

Public Nursing Contract FY’18:  The Board reviewed proposals for elements of the FY’18 public nursing contract prepared by Liz Sanderman, RN for the VNA of Cape Cod.  The Board stressed the importance of the home visits as being at the core of the public nursing program and deeply regrets that the number of visits has dropped off in recent years.  The Board encouraged Marina Lent to be “creative” in coming up with ways to revitalize this important service.  The Board also felt that efforts to address the relatively low immunization rates among school children is primarily the responsibility of the schools and the state, and that local BOH efforts towards this end would not yield sufficient progress to justify the effort and expense that could be put towards it. In general, the Board felt that other proposed areas of work, such as services directed at people facing homelessness on MV, or falls prevention, especially in the context of home visits, are appropriate areas of work for the public nursing program.  The Board looks forward to receiving a specific proposed contract from VNA of Cape Cod for the FY’18 period.

Payroll Change Notice and Performance Evaluation FY’18:  The Board approved a step increase and COLA for the employee.

Stevens, 443 North Road (20-12)  The Title 5 Official Inspection report requires BOH review in order to pass inspection; the Board noted that a drinking water test provided with the report did not appear to have measured the parameters of nitrate/nitrite and ammonia, and asked Marina Lent to follow up with the Inspector.

Young, 27 Clambelly Road (12-5.2) Reid Silva presented a septic system construction plan to upgrade an existing system for an existing 3-bedroom house with a proposed 2-bedroom addition and a proposed garage with detached bedroom.  The plan does not require variances and was approved by the Board contingent on receipt of a passing sale-and-transfer inspection or commitment in writing that the property will not be occupied until the proposed system is in service.

Cottle  (27.1-178) Reid Silva came to the Board to discuss a property on DH’s Hill Road, where the owners want to increase the number of bedrooms on the property but will have difficulty in doing so due to well and wetland setback requirements.  The Board cannot automatically approve an upgrade that involves an increase in flow.

Brown, 28 Turtle Cove (14-11): Chris Alley and the Brown family came to the Board for a discussion of a possible septic system construction, with either an easement or purchase of the land required for the leach field.  The Board of Health felt it would be preferable to achieve a fully self-sufficient lot, without involving a separate property.  The Board encouraged the parties involved to seek some form of transfer of ownership of the area in question, either through outright purchase or exchange.

Leibman, Seven Gates (1-14)   Chris Alley presented a septic plan revision for the placement of the field which does not require variances and was approved by the Board.

Wiesner, Boston Hill Road (30-76) The Board reviewed a septic construction permit renewal request submitted by Chris Alley.  The proposed plan is identical to that previously approved by the Board on July 3, 2013, and was approved.

Sashimi Shack:   Karsten Larsen and Katie Thompson presented a food establishment application for the Sashimi Shack to serve the following products: sashimi boxes, sushi boxes, and littleneck clams on the halfshell, shucked to order.  The Board discussed the following requirement for the permit to offer the proposed products:

  • an updated facility agreement with Larsen’s fish market including the use of the three-bay sink for warewashing;
  • an agreement with the Menemsha Fish House for use of power during hours of operation
  • obtain a data logging thermometer and a two-hour refrigerator-log
  • install wire-rack storage space in the shack for sanitized items
  • 24 hour date-labeling of the sushi boxes as proposed.
Certificate of Compliance:  LLC 86 Stonewall (32-71);  LoRusso, 377 South Rd (25-54);

Title 5 Official Inspection Report:  Sachs, 26 Pinkletink Rd (20-21);  Napoitan, 43 Bijah’s Way (7-43);  Flanders, 30 Flanders Lane (26-31.1);  Eisner, 4 Old North Road (26-121);

Food Establishment Permit:  Food Truck #1;

Temporary Food Events:  Chilmark School Lunch 6/12 CCC; Chilmark Flea Market – Keohane cookies and tea;

The following invoices were approved for payment:

  • VNA-CC May 2017  $ 1,675.93
  • Reimburse Marina Lent for T-stick thermometers:  $ 57.16 for 250 count
  • MVRD CBT $16.20

The meeting adjourned at 18:25 hours.

_______________________              _______________________                       _______________________
Katherine L. Carroll, Chair                 Matthew Poole                                       Janet L. Buhrman
Chilmark Board of Health                   Chilmark Board of Health                     Chilmark Board of Health

A recording of this meeting is on file at the Board of Health office and available for on-site review.

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