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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Human Resource Board Minutes 10/27/16
Human Resources Board of Chilmark
October 27, 2016 APPROVED MINUTES
Present: Jennie Greene, Chair, Steve Lewenberg, Bruce Golden, Max McCreery, Brian Cioffi, HRBC Staff Representative, Bill Rossi, Selectmen’s Representative
Not present: Steven Flanders, Jim Malkin, Selectmen’s Representative
Public/ Board or Comm. Members:
Staff: Jennifer Christy, Admin. Asst., Jonathan Klaren, Police Sergeant, Tim Carroll, Executive Secretary, Ebba Hierta, Library Director, Ellen Biskis, Town Accountant, Sean Slavin, Detective
Meeting called to order at 1:06PM

  • Minutes:
  • The minutes of October 18, 2016 were not reviewed.
  • Classification & Compensation Study Review:
  • Ms. Biskis distributed an analysis of the compensation charts for Chilmark and the other island towns. Ms. Biskis noted that the chart for Chilmark does not show a consistent percentage increase between each grade. She reviewed the various town charts showing the various percentage changes grade to grade.
  • Discussion occurred and there was general agreement that a consistent percentage change grade to grade is preferable to an inconsistent grade chart.
  • Ms. Biskis noted her interest in determining the methodology behind the percentage change within compensation chart creation.
  • Mr. Lewenberg requested that a report be made on the financial impact for FY18 if the compensation chart is amended as drafted in this new consistent manner.
  • Ms. Biskis suggested that she could provide a report on the financial impact of adopting a newly revised chart, as presented.
  • The Board discussed the process of adopting a new compensation plan. Ms. Greene noted that the compensation plan is submitted to the Board of Selectmen as a recommendation and then would be on an Annual Town Meeting warrant as a warrant article. The Finance Committee would review the article as well.
  • Mr. Lewenberg made a motion to adopt the concept of a compensation plan that has a consistent percentage increase grade to grade and step to step. Mr. Golden seconded the motion.
  • Discussion occurred about the financial impact of a possible revised compensation plan.
  • Mr. Cioffi discussed the need for the Board to consider the concept of the compensation plan rather than the financial impacts of the implementation of the plan.
  • The motion was brought to a vote. The motion passed unanimously.
  • Ms. Greene requested that Ms. Biskis please provide a compensation plan showing a consistent percentage change grade to grade and step to step using the data provided in the revised study. Ms. Biskis stated she would complete this task before the next meeting of the HR on November 3, 2016. Ms. Greene thanked Ms. Biskis and other staff at Town Hall for their work in studying the data and providing input on that data.
  • Ms. Hierta stated that the library department data is not correct and asked that the correct data be found and corrected. She noted that the data that has been provided in the study is incorrect and most of the error results from the comparable jobs shown are not, in fact, comparable to the jobs at the Chilmark library. It was noted that the department heads had been asked to find the correct FY17 data for any missing or incorrect data in the study submitted by Vineyard Tax Matters. Ms. Hierta stated she has limited time to complete this task and requested that the data be found by the consultant. After discussion, Ms. Hierta stated she would attempt to gather the correct FY17 data for the positions that are comparable to the ones in Chilmark.
  • Review of the Library Position Descriptions:
  • Assistant Librarian:
  • The Board reviewed the position and voted to recommend the description to the Board of Selectmen with changes.
  • Circulation Assistant:
  • The Board reviewed the position and voted to recommend the description to the Board of Selectmen with changes.
  • Circulation Assistant-Seasonal:
  • The Board reviewed the position and voted to recommend the description to the Board of Selectmen with the same changes as was voted for the Circulation Assistant.
  • Library Director:
  • Ms. Hierta stated that the HR Consultant hired for the first version of the compensation study, provided recommendations to her for changes in the job description. Discussion occurred and Ms. Greene noted that the Board has not authorized the consultant to provide input to the department heads regarding revision of job descriptions. The Board reviewed the position and voted to recommend the description to the Board of Selectmen with changes.
  • Topics not reasonable anticipated by the Chairperson at the time of posting:
  • Mr. Carroll submitted data submitted from the Fire Chief regarding his hours worked and wage for review at a future HR Board.
  • Next Meetings:
  • November 3, 2016, 8AM
  • Agenda items:
  • Review of  COLA information for FY18
  • Grading of position descriptions provided by Library Dept. and/or other departments
  • November 10, 2016, 8AM
  • Agenda items:
  • Position description review and grading

Meeting adjourned at 2:36PM

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