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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Finance Advisory Committee Minutes 02/01/2012
                  Chilmark FinCom & Selectmen Joint Board Meeting
                                 Budget Hearings FY2013 February 1, 2012

Present: Selectmen Warren Doty, Jonathan Mayhew, Frank Fenner is absent.
FinCom Sarah Mayhew Shipway, John Maloney, Bruce Golden, Frank Yeomans,
Robert Chidsey, Richard Williams, Others Tim Carroll, Emily Day, Diana DeBlase

Sarah Mayhew Shipway called meeting to order in the selectmen’s meeting room at 7:00 pm.

Mr. Yeomans said that Chilmark selectmen’s office salaries are the largest on Martha’s Vineyard. This includes a receptionist / assistant as well as coordinator of admin support which other towns don’t have. Mr. Yeomans said selectmen in some other towns are no longer getting health benefits.

Mr. Doty said he thinks that the position of the receptionist is very important and compared to West Tisbury our Town Hall is more welcoming.

Mrs. Mayhew Shipway said that the salaries are a subject for the Human Resource Board of Chilmark to address. Mrs. Mayhew Shipway said that the FinCom is addressing the expenses section of the budgets.

Tim Carroll said that as for budget reduction he has reduced the number of town reports for the coming year by 50 units because he has had leftovers for the past few years.

7:12 Rodney Bunker arrives

Town Offices:
Rodney Bunker is present for budget review.
Mr. Bunker said that another air circulator in the town hall needs to be replaced. This is a costly job but the efficiency of the unit relies on a good circulator. This would be a warrant article for the Annual Town Meeting.
Tim said that the water coolers in the town buildings could be done away with saving hundreds of dollars. No action was taken concerning the water coolers.

Chilmark Community Center:
Mr. Mayhew asked what sort of reduction to electric bill the solar panels have made. Mr. Bunker said that the electric bill has remained about $200.00 a month.

Mr. Bunker said the CCC will need to have work done on the sidewalls facing the library. Some trim needs replacing and repairs to the roof in an area as well. Mr. Bunker estimated this will cost six thousand five hundred dollars.

Community Center Continued…
Tim Carroll said that the joint maintenance has just over thirty five thousand in it. Mr. Bunker would like this joint account to pay for the maintenance repairs that have been mentioned earlier rather than making a warrant article for maintenance.

The discussion turned to the project that the Chilmark Community Center Advisory Committee has been working on. The CCCAC has meetings with the Danika Dorsey (the manager of the Summer Program) and The Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival folks to organize what improvements are needed for the CCC.

The CCAC has hired an architect to design plans for improvements. The CCAC will be receiving cost estimates, and will formulate a warrant article for the Annual Town Meeting.

Mrs. Day recommended that we add a tab for next years budget book for proposed warrants.

Selectmen’s Maintenance:
Budget can be used for many things; repairs and maintenance on the building. Mr. Doty said that the pier connector project had very little contingency and this budget was used to finish items like water line to the west dock.

Mr. Doty said that the legal budget should stay in place because the selectmen have made it a practice to stand behind our town boards decisions and when needed we use council.

Tim Carroll said that selectmen’s office received a call from Reynolds, Rappaport, Kaplan and Hackney office saying that their fees will be going up. The fees now before raise are under two hundred dollars an hour.   

The budget for Finance Committee has a 0% increase. Mrs. Mayhew Shipway said we will return our binders again this year after the Budget Hearings are complete.

Comfort Station:
Tim Carroll has decreased the budget line for water utility. Tim Carroll said that the trash collection includes 15 garbage barrels. Seth Karlinsky has been the contractor for the job for the past 3 years. This year it will go out for bid for another 3 year term. The selectmen have been very pleased with the improvements that have been completed by Mr. Karlinsky.

Emergency Management:
Tim Carroll said this department budget will be continuing to apply for grants to cover costs. The administrative assistant budget line will be used for staffing the shelter when needed.

Accountant Mrs. Day said as of tonight the budget is up 8.81% down from 9.4% that equals a 14cents per thousand dollars increase to tax payers.

Mr. Maloney moved to adjourn. Robert Chidsey seconded the motion. It was voted unanimously in favor to adjourn. 8:55 pm meeting adjourned.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Diana DeBlase                  Approved 2/29/12

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