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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Finance Advisory Committee Minutes 01/31/2012
                 Chilmark FinCom & Selectmen Joint Board Meeting
                               Budget Hearings FY2013 January 31, 2012

Present: Selectmen Warren Doty, Jonathan Mayhew.
FinCom John Maloney, Bruce Golden, Frank Yeomans, Marshall Carroll, Robert Chidsey,
Richard Williams, Sarah Mayhew Shipway. Others Tim Carroll, Emily Day, Diana DeBlase, Melanie Becker, Jennifer Christy.

At 7:00 pm. Warren Doty called a Board of Selectmen meeting to order in the selectmen’s meeting room. The Treasurer Melanie Becker presented the selectmen with results of the bonding for the pier connector project. The lowest bidder is from Raymond James Associates with a rate of 1.32%. Mr. Doty moved to approve and accept bid from Raymond James Associates with a rate of 1.32%.
Mr. Mayhew seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 2 Ayes

Mrs. Becker said she will return February 7, 2012 for the paperwork from Raymond James Associates to be signed by the Board of Selectmen at their next scheduled meeting.

Mrs. Becker said that the S&P reviewed the Town of Chilmark for bond rating and we have kept our AA+ rating.

Mrs. Becker said that the cost of issuance will now be paid for by the Bond premium for the Pier Connector Project and that on the line item in the Retirement of Debt Interest to reduce this $2,362.00.
The warrant article for $25,000.00 from last year for the cost of financing this bond will be returned. Tim Carroll recommended that this be applied to the Stabilization Fund to help shore up bond rating.

Town Clerk:
Jennifer Christy was present for the Town Clerk budget review. Mrs. Christy said this is going to be a high volume year for absentee ballots for the Presidential Primaries. The postage line item has been increased for this reason along with the postal rate hike.  

Mrs. Christy was able to reduce her professional development line because she will elect to train on line for her credentials to become certified town clerk.
No changes were recommended the budget will remain as presented.
Mrs. Christy reminded everyone of the Special Town Meeting for February 13, 2012.

Dog Officer / Animal Inspector:
Tim Carroll said that Chris Murphy has asked that the FinCom and Board of Selectmen consider returning a line item for a mileage stipend. Mr. Doty said that the Human Resource Board considered this a very important issue. The HRBC supports the federal mandated mileage reimbursement of fifty five cents per mile. The consensus of the FinCom and BOS is to not allow a stipend for automobile.

Arrivals: Keith Emin, Max McCreery

Keith Emin is present for the review of the Highway FY13 budget.
Marshall Carroll said good job on your budget. Tim Carroll said that the highway has a request in from last year for paving the roads Mr. Emin said that the paving for Menemsha Hill is needed badly.

There was discussion of maybe ½ mile of asphalt for Menemsha Hill. Tim Carroll said maybe we should look into work at night since the paving for Menemsha Hill closes off the road.
Mr. Williams asked how many miles of road are paved in Chilmark. Mr. Emin said 14 miles.

Snow & Ice:
The budget for snow and ice is seven thousand dollars. Mrs. Day said so far the bills for this year total five thousand five hundred dollars, for two sandings and one snow storm. Tim Carroll said this is one of the budgets that can be over spent because we don’t know the figures till after the weather. The reason to keep this figure low is that if you increase it, it can not be decreased.

Human Resource Board of Chilmark:
Max McCreery is present to speak about keeping the COLA as recommended by the HRBC.
Mr. McCreery representing the HRBC asks that the FinCom and Board of Selectmen not remove any of the 3% increase to this COLA. Mr. McCreery reminded all that COLA is not a bonus.
Todd Christy arrives

Mr. Williams believes in keeping the credibility for salary structure, he has concerns about grade creep. Mr. McCreery said there were jobs that were not classified properly. The Assessor job was re classified because it was below what the job requires. Mr. McCreery said that the remainder of the jobs is being reviewed and the handbook is being updated by him and Todd Christy.

Tim Carroll said that the system as it is has eight steps and twelve grades. The hand book that Todd Christy and Max McCreery are working on establishes where someone falls on the twelve grades. This refers to the person not the position. Then, the person under new bylaw can start steps anywhere from 1-4 with discretion of department head.

Tim Carroll went on to say that person wouldn’t get step and longevity at the same time, only those who are regarded or move jobs can get longevity and step.

Mr. Doty said he was pleased that the hand book was being revised in house saving the town a lot of money. Mr. Christy said the cost of a consultant was anywhere from ten to thirty thousand dollars.

Mr. McCreery asked for a non binding vote concerning the 3% COLA increase. The vote was unanimous to keep the 3% COLA increase for FY2013.

Cultural Counsel:
Mr. Doty said that the Cultural Counsel is a group that meets twice a year to distribute art grants. The Cultural Counsel has eighteen members three from each town. The board members from Chilmark are; Jennifer Christy, Deborah Silliman Wass, and his wife Nan Doty.

Tim Carroll said the insurance policy costs have been driven up because of the coverage increases we have requested. Mr. Yeomans said Tim Carroll sent out requests to department heads for an evaluation on the buildings they occupy. Library director Ebba Hierta sent updated information.

Mr. Carroll said the town buildings and docks are now insured up to thirteen million dollars and the liability is raised from three million to five million dollars of coverage. The marina policy has also been raised to one million dollars up from five hundred thousand.

Mr. Yeomans said we have a marine policy and a marina policy what are the differences?
Mr. Carroll said the marine is to cover boilers in our buildings. The marina policy is for our Menemsha dock area.

Mr. Yeomans said that this page should be labeled Property & Liability Insurance, please add Property.

Nan Doty arrives

Emily Day said she received budget changes from David Norton Chief of the Fire Department. The fire department has reduced seven thousand six hundred and ninety dollars from their FY2013 budget. The beach department has reduced their budget three thousand five hundred dollars.

Mr. Yeomans moved to adjourn. Mr. Williams seconded the motion. Motion voted unanimously to adjourn. 8:29 pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by Diana DeBlase.            Approved 2/29/12

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