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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Finance Advisory Committee Minutes 01/26/2012
                     Chilmark FinCom & Selectmen Joint Board Meeting
                                    Budget Hearings FY2013 January 26, 2012

Present: Selectmen Frank Fenner, Warren Doty, Jonathan Mayhew.
FinCom Marshall Carroll, Richard Williams, Frank Yeomans, John Maloney, Bruce Golden,
Sarah Mayhew Shipway, Robert Chidsey.
Others Tim Carroll, Emily Day, Diana DeBlase, Jessica Bradlee, Pam Bunker, Clarissa Allen, Wayne Iacono, Kristin Maloney,

Draft minutes from January 24, 2012 meeting were reviewed. Corrections were made. Sarah Mayhew Shipway moved to approve minutes as corrected. Richard Williams seconded the motion. Minutes approved unanimously.

Tax Collector:
Jessica Bradlee was present for review of tax collector budget hearing. The consensus of the boards was that there is an increase of 6% but that it is necessary for tax billing. Mr. Fenner asked if there was enough in the tax bill line Mrs. Bradlee assured that there is as she has pre printed one side of the bills already.
Mr. Carroll thanked Jessica Bradlee for her work

Beach Department:
Chairman Kristin Maloney, Pam Bunker, Clarissa Allen, Wayne Iacono were all present for the beach department budget hearing. Superintendent Martina Mastromonaco was absent
Mr. Fenner said that we are looking to each department to cut from their budgets. Mr. Fenner said from looking at the budget seems like we could cut approximately $3,500- $5,000.00 from the parking attendants, gate guards, sticker clerks, salaries.

Mr. Williams suggested going to the HRBC for a position that could be advertised as laborer. Tim Carroll said this would be similar to the highway laborer position. This position could be hired to clean up set up and at end of season put away the materials needed at the beaches. This could aid in keeping all summer beach staff limited to the required 16 weeks.

Clarissa Allen said that the additional equipment line will be reduced.
Mr. Doty recommended the beach committee looking at the salary lines as well.

Kristin Maloney said she wants to alert everyone of the dangerous, drastic changes to Lucy Vincent Beach. The cave is bigger and deeper the cliffs have fallen drastically. Mrs. Maloney said that this is important to remember when we are cutting the beach budget to leave some for creating a new emergency access path.

Pam Bunker said the Beach department will take these suggestions under advisement and return with a revised budget.

Assistant Assessor Pam Bunker remained for the review of the Assessors budget.
Mrs. Bunker said the professional development budget line has not been expended but requested this remain because she needs to receive 45 credits every three years. During the re-evaluation period which began in 2009 she does not spend but she will be spending line item this coming FY2013.
Marshall Carroll asked why the office supplies line item is $0 down from $400.00. Mrs. Bunker said that they shifted the cost of the office supplies to the bottled water line.
Mr. Yeomans and Mr. Fenner asked Mrs. Bunker to review old warrant articles that still have funds unused. Mrs. Bunker will review the articles to see if any of these can be closed out.

Building Inspector:
Lenny Jason Jr. is present for Building Inspector budget review.
Review of the budget shows nothing available to cut. Mr. Jason recommended increasing the inspection fees for the plumbing and gas inspections, so they are paid equal to the wiring inspector. This amount now would be $60.00.
Mr. Jason recommended similar charges as Edgartown. That would be $50.00 for all permits and $75.00 for each inspection. The town would also get a percentage of the inspection fee.

Isaiah Scheffer is present for review of Shellfish Constable budget.
The change to be made to the paperwork was a typo the advertising budget line should be $100.00 not $1,000.00.Total budget increase is 3.87%

Tim Carroll said the issue of unemployment benefits being paid is happening with the assistant constable position. Mr. Scheffer said this is a position that is defiantly needed more than 16 weeks. Mr. Carroll recommended restructuring job for asst. constable for the future.

Mr. Doty explained that the Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group assessment is up 10% equaling a $3,000.00 increase this is due in part because of Oak Bluffs not paying their portion.

Mr. Scheffer said that the Massachusetts Estuaries Project is tough to fund now but he recommends the completion of our ponds.
Tim Carroll recommended that the position of assistant constable change from an hourly position to a salaried position. Mr. Carroll said to take this to the Human Resource Board of Chilmark to have them review.
Follow up:
Mrs. Mayhew Shipway said she looked into the interest rate on the CPC account and the interest is at $10,000.00 not the $1,000.00 as reported.

Mr. Yeomans moved to adjourn. Mr. Golden seconded the motion. Vote to adjourn is Unanimous. 8:45 pm meeting adjourned    

Minutes respectfully submitted by Diana DeBlase.               Approved 2/29/12

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