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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Finance Advisory Committee Minutes 02/16/2011
Chilmark finance Committee & Selectmen Joint Board Meeting
                                                     February 16, 2011 Minutes
                                    Chilmark Town Hall Selectmen’s Meeting Room

Present: Selectmen: Chairman Warren Doty, Jonathan Mayhew, Frank Fenner,
FinCom: Chairman Marshall Carroll, John Maloney, Bruce Golden, Frank Yeomans,
Sarah Mayhew Shipway, Richard Williams, Others: Executive Secretary Tim Carroll,
Accountant Emily Day, Treasurer Melanie Becker, Administrative Assistant Diana DeBlase,
Board of Health Chairman Katy Carroll, Police Chief Brian Cioffi, Aquinnah Police Chief Randhi Belain, Reporter Jim Hickey.

Katy Carroll presented the Selectmen with a plan of action to address water treatment for Chilmark Community Center and Library.

Mr. Doty moved to accept the proposed plan presented for water treatment for the Community Center and the Library. Mr.Mayhew seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

Chairman Marshall Carroll called meeting to order in the selectmen’s room at 6:05 pm.

Minutes: Minutes from February 1, 2011 FY2012 budget hearing. Sarah Shipway moved to approve minutes. Richard Williams seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 9 Ayes

Treasurer Melanie Becker addressed members of the Fin Com and Selectmen and proposed that the Tri Town Ambulance budget hearing could go before the Treasurer.

Tri Town Ambulance:
Police chiefs Brian Cioffi and Randhi Belain presented the budget proposal for the Tri Town Ambulance. Mr. Cioffi started by thanking the members for a much more reasonable reception than they got at the other town budget hearings.

Mr. Belain read through each line of the revised budget for FY2012.The big change for the Tri Town Budget comes from the addition of two new positions. This addition is of two full time paramedics. These positions would also be an increase to the health insurance coverage.

Town accountant Mrs. Day explained that from her meetings with now former Ambulance Chief / Deputy Chief she learned that some budget lines have not been updated in years. Those corrections have been made and a true representation is the budget that is being reviewed tonight.

The total sum increase to the Tri Town Ambulance for FY2012 budget is 53.7%

Chief Cioffi thinks this is the route we take to ensure that we have coverage in an emergency. This is not to discourage volunteers but the last few years in the economic difficulties there are not the volunteers as we have had in the past.

Tri Town Ambulance continued…
There is a warrant article of $17,500.00 Ambulance receipts reserved for appropriation, this is for stair chairs for each ambulance and laptop equipment.

Town treasurer Melanie Becker presented her department budget for FY2012. There is a COLA and longevity increase and an increase for the online payroll system. This is a contract with Harper Payroll its approximately $1,000.00.

Health Insurance:
Mrs. Becker presented the Employee Benefits and Contributions for FY2012. In the past there have been more funds available for plan changes or additions of a new hire. This flexibility this is being erased. Insurance line correction for health insurance is $513,021.00 a 0% increase. Accountant Day made a correction to the County retirement Charges it should read; $222,900.00
The total sum is $788,420.00 a 0.55% increase.

Retirement of Debt:
Mrs. Becker supplied a list of the principal due, along with an exempt dept analysis report.
Mr. Williams asked if there would be new borrowing in FY2012 that is not listed here.
Mrs. Becker said there is a BAN (bond anticipation note) that the Selectmen just signed.
This note will have no principal due for FY2012 but the following year it will become part of the FY2013 budget. This BAN is for the west dock repair. In 2012 this will be converted to a bond.

The total of dept service that the Town of Chilmark has is $6,774,420.75.

Mr. Doty pointed out that the Middle Line Road affordable housing project will be generating some income to offset the interest on the loan.

In keeping with the discussion of Middle Line Road Mr. Yeomans asked what was decided in the topic of propane tanks for the rental units. Tim Carroll believes the decision is one large (500gl.) tank with 2 meters for each unit.

Mrs. Becker spoke of the up island regional school agreement financial split which is now 80/20.  
The annual town meeting held April 23, 2007 the town voted in favor of Article 21 which states the following;
The town that owns the facility in question shall pay a total of 80% of the capital costs regardless of its enrollment in that facility. The remaining 20% of the capital costs shall be paid by the two other towns in the regional district, by dividing the balance of 20% between them, based on each to(as in original) the other towns’ share of their combined enrollment. The school census of October 1st of the fiscal year preceding (as in original) the fiscal year for which the assessment is being determined shall be used to ascertain percentages. In any case, the total contribution of all members combined shall equal 100% of the capital costs.
Mr. Tim Carroll clarified that it was 60/40 and changed to 80/20 with this warrant article that was voted into effect April 2007.    
Mrs. Becker continued:
The refinancing of the School note generated moneys for the school E&D (excess and deficiencies) account. Tim Carroll said essentially this helped the school to enable them to have more money to educate our children.

Retirement of Cost of Interest:
With the figures in on the BAN for the dock repair, there is a line change in the budget of the short-term interest-bond anticipation line. Instead of $26,000.00 it is now $6,952.00. That brings the total sum figure to $8,052.00.

At this time the Selectmen Fenner moved to approve and sign borrowing proposed by the treasurer. (A temporary 1 year note at a 0.55% rate)
Mr. Mayhew seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 3 Ayes

In closing Mrs. Becker would like to clarify about pay grade changes that were discussed at an earlier budget hearing. At that meeting it was implied that she and the accountant were upset about not getting a grade increase also. She would like to clarify that in a recession it’s not good to have individual grade increasing. She would recommend that an evaluation of all positions be done professionally by a consultant. This would be an equitable and impartial way to do this. The personnel board in this town has not done this in the past 15 years.

Mr. Williams moved to recommend town pursue a warrant article for $15,000 to hire a consultant to review all position grades for the Town of Chilmark for a STM this fall. Mrs. Mayhew Shipway seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 6 Ayes

Remainder of the meeting was spent reviewing warrant articles. The articles are available to review on the town web page. Mr. Doty strongly recommended cutting funding for articles. FinCom and Selectmen heard from Accountant Mrs. Day and Executive Secretary Carroll about proposed articles.

There are 32 articles to review it was proposed by Mrs. Mayhew Shipway to set another meeting for 2/23/11 at 6:00pm to wrap-up budget hearings for FY2012, motion seconded by Mr. Williams. SO VOTED: 9 Ayes   

Mr. Williams moved to adjourn; Mrs. Mayhew Shipway seconded the motion SO VOTED: 9 Ayes
Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Diana DeBlase      Minutes approved 2/23/11

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