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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Finance Advisory Committee Minutes 01/25/2011
Chilmark FINCOM & Selectmen Joint Board Meeting
                                                  January 25, 2011 Minutes
                                  Chilmark Town Hall Selectmen’s Meeting Room

Present: FINCOM: (acting Chair) Sarah Mayhew Shipway, William Randol, Richard Williams, Frank Yeomans, Bruce Golden, John Maloney, Selectmen: Frank Fenner, Jonathan Mayhew.
Others: Town Accountant Emily Day, Administrative Assistant Diana DeBlase
Town Clerk Jennifer Christy, Up Island & Regional School Reps.: Dr James Weiss,
Amy Tierney, Gloria Holt, Susan Mercier, Roxanne Ackerman, Mark Friedman, West Tisbury interim principal Donna Lowell- Bettencourt, Chilmark principal Susan Stevens, MVRH principal Steve Nixon, Chilmark school committee rep. Perry Ambulos, Dan Cabot,
Dan Seklecki,

Minutes of January 5, 2011 were reviewed with addition of Mr. Williams wording.
Mr. Williams asked that the Town office check on this with our labor lawyer. His concern is that under the Fair Labor Standards Act Mr. Hodgkinson, who is a non-exempt employee, may be entitled to overtime for the new position since his present position is for 40 hours per week. The fact that the new position carries a stipend rather than a salary may not be relevant.
Mr. Fenner responded that he believes the Personnel Board has asked the lawyer to do this..
Mr. Randol moved to approve minutes. Mr. Williams seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 8 Ayes (inclusion of Selectmen)

Town Clerk:
Town Clerk Jennifer Christy presented her budget for FY2012.
Mr. Williams noticed that the clerk has never expended for computer supplies before and asked if she planning computer software updates. Mrs. Christy responded that the cost is for 2 toner cartages and that the office has used them regularly she is unsure where they were recorded in the past.

An expense that Mrs. Christy pointed out is the professional development. She was asked by the Board of Selectmen upon her hire to attend the courses for the Municipal Clerk Training. This training is a three year course, which this is her first year of.  Mrs. Christy thought this course was very beneficial and she is really looking forward to this coming course in July 2011.

Mr. Yeomans asked what the revenue was for the Clerk’s office. Mrs. Christy said she would check with the Treasurer Mrs. Becker on this as it is not included on the Revenues page in the Budget FY2012 Book.

Mr. Yeomans also asked if there was a standard for who pays DBA (doing business as) fees. Mrs. Christy said she herself has been working towards a standard equitable for all businesses. She mentioned that the Banks have been aiding in accomplishing this because if person is opening an account the bank requires a copy of the town issued DBA document.

School Budget: Up Island and MVRHS:
Dr James Weiss Superintendant of Schools presented the introduction to School Budget FY2012.
He introduced the members present to address the school budget (listed above).The presentation has three parts to it: the Shared Budget, the Up Island Budget and the High School Budget. Mr. Weiss began with the Shared Budget, which is increasing by 7.65% this is mostly due to the new programs in Special Education. This program includes a Bridge class for Autism. Now there will be in addition to the K-1, a 2-4th grade class for Autism. There is a summer program that goes along with these programs.
The Superintendent has put the Physical Therapist on the Budget. In the past this PT was free lance and the individual districts where paying individually. This hire has actually saved approximately $50,000. to the overall budget.  
There are approximately 40 children in the Special Education course at this time.

Mr. Fenner pointed out that the retirement budget is way up for FY2012. Mrs. Tierney explained that this was the health care benefits.  
Mr. Randol asked why the Drivers Education is costing the kids approximately $800.00 (his little brother from Big Brothers Big Sisters told him of this)
Dr. Weiss stated that there has not been a driver’s education funded in the budget for years. They are in the process of looking to have a portion of this education available for September 2011.This will bring the cost down 50%

Up Island Regional School Budget:
Amy Tierney presented analysis of this budget. Chilmark percentage is actually $10,000.00 decrease from last year. West Tisbury is getting a much higher percentage this year. In fact they turned down the proposed budget. WT FINCOM will not recommend the allocation.

Mr. Yeomans asked Mrs. Tierney about the following: In the review of the Chilmark Audited financial statement it says; district has verbally agreed to pay rent to the town in the amount of annual dept service cost associated with original school construction project. Mr. Yeomans said the FINCOM was told that there was an agreement but that Mrs. Tierney could not find it. Mrs. Tierney stated that there is not a written agreement. She said there were many drafts from 2002 but there was a stalemate that was never resolved. That is why there is only a verbal agreement. Mr. Yeomans asked if West Tisbury had a written agreement and could we cross off West Tisbury and put in place Chilmark. Mrs. Tierney’s response was she tried that. Mrs. Tierney did go on to say that the verbal agreement has been funded every year, and will be funded in the future.

High School budget:
Principal Steve Nixon and Mark Friedman presented the High school Budget.
Mr. Nixon started with the news that State funding is dropping and they have cut jobs and trimmed budget in an effort to keep the education standard as high as possible.
Mr. Yeomans asked what the current number of students attending MVRH. Mr. Nixon stated 686 as of December 2010. The number of students for last year was 702. There is a downward trend due to cost of living. Mr. Nixon said he is not only seeing students moving off the Island but out of the state.

The school committee thanked Mr. Williams for all of his assistance in drafting the budget.

Mr. Randol moved to adjourn, motion seconded by William Randol. SO VOTED: 8 Ayes meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by Diana DeBlase

                                                                                   Minutes approved 2/1/11

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