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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Finance Advisory Committee Minutes 01/05/2011
             Chilmark Finance Committee and Selectmen Joint Board Meeting                                                         January 5, 2011 Minutes                                         Chilmark Town Hall Selectmen’s Meeting RoomPresent: Finance Advisory Committee: Chairman Marshall Carroll, William Randol, Richard Williams, Sarah Mayhew Shipway, Frank Yeomans, Bruce Golden.
Selectmen: Chairman Warren Doty, Frank Fenner, Jonathan Mayhew.
Others:  Executive Secretary Tim Carroll, Town Accountant Emily Day
Administrative Assistant Diana DeBlase rapporteurChairman Marshall Carroll called meeting to order at 6:00pm.Mr. Carroll asked to hear from Dr. Bruce Golden who would like to join as a new Finance Committee Board member.Dr. Bruce Golden introduced himself: As a retired Pediatric Dentist, had his practice in White Planes New York for 38 years. He and his family have been vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard each July since 1977. Four years ago he purchased a home on Middle Road and has been living here for the past two years. He volunteers at the M.V. Hospital for the Mass. Health Kids as a Pediatric Dentist and has also been working at Dr. Herman’s office. He works 2 ½ days per week. Dr Golden still teaches at NYU once a month. His wife Judy works at Martha’s Vineyard Community Services. Mr. Yeomans asked if Dr. Golden would make a point of attending Town meetings. Dr. Goldman responded he would go to Town Meetings.Mr. Randol moved to elect Dr. Golden a board member of the Chilmark Finance Advisory Committee*. Mrs. Mayhew Shipway seconded the motion. SO VOTED: FINCOM; Chairman Carroll: Aye, Mr. Williams: Aye, Mr. Randol: Aye,
Mrs. Mayhew-Shipway: Aye, Mr. Yeomans: Abstain Selectmen Mr. Doty: Aye,
Mr. Mayhew: Aye, Mr.Fenner: Aye.   Mr. Yeomans welcomed Mr. Golden as a member of the Board but did not vote because he understood the Selectmen had already appointed Dr. Golden to the committee.

Minutes to be approved:
September 24, 2010 and July 8, 2010Diana DeBlase notified the Board Members the typo that Mr. Yeomans caught. The change she made to September 24th meeting of 1/3 not 113 in Article #8. Tonight’s copy has the change made already.Mr. Randol moved to approve the minutes of September 24, 2010. Mrs. Mayhew Shipway seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 5 AyesJuly 8, 2010 minutes reviewed. Mr. Randol moved to approve the minutes. Mrs. Mayhew Shipwa y seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 5 Ayes*commonly known as FINCOM                                                                                  
Organization: Chairmanship: Mr. Yeomans nominated Marshall Carroll to be re-elected Chairman of the Finance Advisory Committee for another term. Mr. Williams seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 5 Ayes Mr. Carroll abstained
Mr. Carroll accepted the nomination of Chairman of the Finance Advisory Committee.Review of the Budget Books: After a review of the Contact List the following changes where made: 1. John Maloney’s contacts need to be added and he supplied updated email address as well.(508) 645-9688 jomaloney9@gmail.com2. William Randol’s telephone number has been changed to 645-94633. Sarah Mayhew Shipway and Richard Williams email addresses should have an under score where there is a blank space.Departmental Revenue:The revenues show a short fall of $49,000.00 from the Harbor Department as of December 31, 2010 due to the Fire on July 12, 2010. The accountant Emily Day was tracking the revenue and predicted a $40,000.00 shortfall when setting fiscal 2011 tax rate. Selectmen Warren Doty asked how the money from The Sea Port Advisory Council will be documented as revenue. Mr. Tim Carroll stated we have not received any money yet, but now that we have a contract with the contractor for rebuilding the pier connector we can request payment. The accountant Emily Day will be creating a code specific for this project.Mr. Williams asked why the Treasures’ interest from investments is not listed on the revenue page. Mrs. Day will get these figures and include them.6:20 pm. Finance Advisory Committee member John Maloney arrives He gave corrections to minutes of name spelling of Kristin not Kristen this change has since been made.Sources of Available FundsAccountant Mrs. Day made a correction to the Free Cash from $273,389.00 to $324,452.00.The total of funds with correction is $1,374,812.00During the review of the budgets Tim Carroll pointed out that a big change this year is Tri Town Ambulance of a 61% budget increase.

Budget Review:Moderator: $100 all present agreed was a fine figure.Selectmen: Changes to be made are: longevity for Mr. Carroll should be 4%Mr. Tim Carroll said books and publication is up to $80.00 for bound Law Books information, which is easier to find what you are looking for compared to going on line.
Finance Committee: The cost of the budget book increased to fit all of the materials. Mrs. Mayhew Shipway moved to hand in these books to be used again for next year. Mr. Yeomans seconded the motion. SO VOTED: 7 AyesAccountant:Increase in revenue is for step increase. Tim Carroll would like to commend Mrs. Day on her achievements this year. Mrs. Day has completed all three procurement courses so she will be able to assist in contracts for the numerous projects that the town has each year.The Accountant will be submitting an article for the Town Warrant to change Accountant soft ware. The estimate on this is approximately $12,000.00 plus an additional $6,000.00 for change over and training.Auditing:The Town of Chilmark must have a yearly audit, it is a requirement set forth by our Bonding.Mr. Yeomans suggested that FINCOM members review with the Treasurer and or the Town Accountant reports prepared by the auditors, Power& Sullivan. There are liabilities that Mr. Yeomans saw are not listed in the Auditor’s report. Such as The Steamship Authority and The Land Bank. Tim Carroll asked if the Board was interested in an exit interview with the Auditors. Mr. Yeomans was not interested as he thought our own Treasurer and Accountant would be more helpful. Mr. Yeomans recommended a change of Auditors.Selectman Doty has received positive feedback from town employees for the connection that the departments have with these Auditors. 7:22 pm. Todd Christy and Chairman Jane Greene of the Personnel Board arrive.Personnel Board:The Cost of Living Adjustment for FY2012 was calculated by the Personnel Board to be 2.6% based on a formula Richard Williams helped develop.All of these budgets we are looking at in the budget book have the 2.6% increase included in the budgets already.Mr. Yeomans asked if the Selectmen are comfortable with a COLA set at 2.6%.Selectman Doty asked what is taking place in other towns. The selectmen will know when the budget review is complete but for now they have no problem with the COLA raise.
…Personnel Board continued:
Mr. Williams asked if Mr. Yeomans had any problems with the COLA at 2.6%. Mr. Yeomans responded he did not have a problem as long as the Selectmen agree.Selectmen Fenner wants to have a consistent formula and if COLA comes out below zero it will be zero.The review of Personnel Board budget shows it is flat. Mr.Fenner inquired if the dues and membership amount is enough. Tim Carroll will look into this.
Personnel Board Re-grade Recommendations:The Personnel Board recommends a grade increase for the Library Director from grade 10 to 11.The Personnel Board also recommends a grade increase for the Administration Coordinator from grade 8 to grade 11.Selectmen Doty notified the Finance Advisory Committee that last night during their Selectmen’s meeting the three selectmen approved these grade increases and also appointed Chuck Hodgkinson (Administration Coordinator) the Conservation Officer. This position will receive an annual stipend of $5,000.00.Mr. Williams asked that the Town office check on this with our labor lawyer. His concern is that under the Fair Labor Standards Act Mr. Hodgkinson, who is a non-exempt employee, may be entitled to overtime for the new position since his present position is for 40 hours per week. The fact that the new position carries a stipend rather than a salary may not be relevant.
The harbor master job description and grade increase were also discussed. The Selectmen had put the decision on hold till the Personnel Board could discuss the Selectmen's concerns about raising the job description experience level too high. The Selectmen had no concerns about the grade increase; it’s the job description that needs further review.Ms. Greene said that there was not a forum to meet this week and it would be a few more weeks till the next meeting.
Selectmen Doty stated that the Selectmen where not impressed with the Tri Town Ambulance fiscal management. This is the reason why the request of chief to step down to be Assistant Chief

Town Treasurer review will be rescheduled to January 26, 2011.

Legal: This fund is used often for different projects that are on going. Projects like: Middle Line Road, Menemsha Pier Connecter, now possibly Wind turbines as well.

Town Offices/ Building Maintenance:
The Custodian and Custodian 2 COLA increases.
(Custodian 2 is actually the Janitor.)
The six buildings that the Custodian and Janitor are responsible for are:
Town Hall, Community Center, North Road Fire Station, Library, Police Station, and Cross Road Fire Station.

Concerning Electrical use increase at the Town hall. Tim Carroll will make an effort at decreasing this amount. Having all employees shut down computers at the end of their work day should help.
Mrs. Mayhew Shipway recommended adjusting the times for backup this should help in conservation of electricity.

Custodian requests an increase of $3,000.00 for building maintenance. This is the time for painting some of the buildings.
Tim Carroll has requested funds to upgrade computer programs from Microsoft Office 2003 to 2007.
Mr. Williams recommends upgrades all at one time.
Community Center:
The budget is level funded, no change.
Tim Carroll mentioned that Rodney Bunker (custodian) might be submitting a warrant article for the Town Meeting.

Mr. Richard Williams brought up again his concerns about the Fair labor Standards Act concerning Chuck Hodgkinson’s hours. He suggests this to be brought to lawyer’s attention for clarifications.

Mr. Yeomans moved to adjourn. Mr. Randol seconded the motion.
SO VOTED: 7 Ayes

Minutes respectively submitted by Diana DeBlase

Minutes approved 1/25/11

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