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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Conservation Commission Revised Agenda 04/19/17
Site Visit 4/19 @ 12:00 PM

  • 12:30 PM:  PUBLIC HEARING NOI SE 12 - 787; REID SILVA FOR CS – RE1, LLC;             86 Stonewall Road; AP 32-71:  Remove the existing, failed septic leaching facility and install a new, upgraded facility.  The existing driveway will be re-graded as needed back to its original condition.  The work is in the 100-foot buffer zone of a Swamp Wetland.  The closest activity is approximately 54 feet from the wetland edge.
  • 12:40 PM:  CONTINUED PUBLIC HEARING NOI (NO DEP FILE #; LOCAL BYLAW ONLY); CHRIS ALLEY FOR CHRISTINA LURIE; 2 Gosnold’s Way; AP 14-1:  Eligible voters: Pam, Chris, Joan, Candy: This hearing was originally opened on 11/16/16, continued to 1/18/17 and continued again to 4/5/17 where it was continued to 4/19/17.  It is seeking a permit to construct a tennis court, deck and fencing within the buffer zone of an isolated wetland.  A new location was proposed on January 18 that is 30 feet from the wetland edge; a location that is 35 feet from the wetland was reviewed on 4/5/17.  The applicant is proposing a new location.
  • POSSIBLE CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE; SE 12 – 024; L & M RABBAN;                     13 Cemetery Road; AP 8-16:  An Order was issued in 1980 to convert a natural water-catchment area into a lily pond.  The pond was installed however, it was installed on the neighbor’s property.  Discuss MACC opinion.
  • POSSIBLE CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE SE 12 – 522; REID SILVA FOR              JOHN M. CALLAGY; 2 Squibnocket Rd.; AP 33-76.1:  An Order was issued in 2006 to excavate, trench, backfill, re-grade, landscape and re-vegetate within 100 feet of a Bordering Vegetated Wetland.  This work will be done in order to renovate an existing dwelling, rebuild retaining walls, install underground utilities and install a septic tank – to connect to a new leaching facility outside of the buffer zone.  Recommend the project is in full compliance.
  • DISCUSSION SE 12 – 709; REID SILVA FOR EILEEN S. MAYHEW, TR.; 3 Clam Point Cove; AP 33-121:  An Order was issued in 2014 to mow a 3 ft. wide grassy path to the top of the Quitsa Pond Coastal Bank and install a 15 ft. stairway down the bank.  The lot is undeveloped.  Two conditions of the Order specified:  #1. No work shall begin until the working drawings for the final stairway are reviewed and approved by the Commission.  #3. Should access from the stairs over the marsh to the water be desired, a separate plan for water access that protects the salt marsh shall be submitted and approved by the Commission – before the stairs are built and installed.
The property is at Purchase and Sale.  Reid would like to review the stair design detail and get clarification on Condition # 3.  He would also like to apply for a three-year extension on the Order.

  • DISCUSSION SE 12 – 764; REID SILVA FOR PAUL SLAVIN AND SUSAN WAITZKIN;       6 Eddy Farm Rd.; AP 25-1.2:  An Order was issued in 2016 to tear down the existing house and build a new one.  The site will need a drainage system which was not a part of the plan.  Determine if the change is inconsequential or requires the hearing to be re-opened.
Meeting Minutes: 4/5/17.
        Order of Conditions No DEP file #; Lurie; AP 14-1 (if voted).
        Order of Conditions SE 12 - 787; CS RE1,LLC; AP 32-71 (if voted).
        Certificate of Compliance SE 12 – 024; Rabban; AP 8-16 (if voted).
Certificate of Compliance SE 12 – 522; Callagy; AP 33-76.1 (if voted).
        Order of Conditions Permit Extension SE 12 - 709; Mayhew; AP 33-121 (if voted).
  • NEXT MEETING:  Wednesday, May 3 @ 12:30 PM

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