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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Conservation Commission Agenda 01/18/17
Site Visits: TBD

  • 12:30 PM:  CONTINUED PUBLIC HEARING FROM November 16, 2016; NOI LOCAL BYLAW ONLY (NO DEP FILE #); CHRIS ALLEY AND MICHAEL BARCLAY FOR CHRISTINA LURIE; 2 Gosnold’s Way; AP 14-1:  Eligible voters:  Chris, Joan, Maureen, Pam, Candy and Bob:  Construct a tennis court within the buffer zone of an isolated wetland.  The closest activity is approximately 9 feet from the wetland edge and is within the approved footprint of disturbance as determined by the NHESP.  The following are the Commission’s expectations for a different location:    1. Relocate the tennis court, deck and fencing farther from the wetland and secure the NHESP approval before returning.  2.  The revised plans should include cross section diagrams for the tennis court, deck and site grading, the elevated walkway and a specific recommendation for the walkway deck surface.
  • 12:45 PM:  PUBLIC HEARING:  REQUEST FOR AN AMENDED ORDER OF CONDITIONS; SE 12 – 760; GEORGE SOURATI  FOR MATTHEW CESTAR; 11 Hill Land; AP 32-40 (Peggy Freyberg’s house):  Here is the history of this project to date:  
The hearing was continued from February and the Order was issued in March 2016;

In May 2016 the Commission approved a change to the de-nitrifying septic system location;

In August 2016 the Commission reviewed a request to not tear down the section of the 1965 wing nearest the stream as conditioned and not finish the expanded second story space – this request was never acted upon because the Commission thought this was a consequential change requiring the hearing to be re-opened;

In October 2016 the Commission approved a Phase I landscape plan (as conditioned) and the 250 sq. ft. second floor living space addition was abandoned; the water drainage plan for the north side of the house was approved; the Commission asked the applicant to return with a detailed drainage plan for the south side of the house (facing the ocean).   

The requested changes today for an Amended Order include the complete tear down and re-build of the 1965 kitchen wing and install a crawl-space foundation instead of the approved pier foundation system; the complete tear down and re-build of the master bedroom wing; convert the existing basement foundation to a crawl-space foundation; follow up review the drainage plans as required in October 2016.  The resources affected are the buffer zones of a Perennial Stream, the 1st 100-feet of the Riverfront zone, Bordering Vegetated Wetland draining into a coastal pond, Coastal Bank of Stonewall Pond, 100-year flood zone for Stonewall Pond.  The closest proposed limit of work extends to the wetland edge and 19 feet from the stream.

  • CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE AMENDED SE 12 – 704; NORTH STAR REALTY TRUST; (Graeme Flanders) 4 Tucker Trail; AP 33-55:  An Order was issued to tear down and build a new home and garage in June 2014 and subsequently amended to add a slate patio in August 2015.  Recommend the project is in full compliance.
  • CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE SE 12 – 737; NORTH STAR REALTY TRSUT; 4 Tucker Trail; AP 33-55:  An additional Order was issued in May 2015 to add sub-surface foundation drains to this project.  Recommend the project is in full compliance.

  • CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE AMENDED SE 12 – 099; MARGARET LANG; AP 21-38:  We have no files for this project and because of successive subdivisions lot 38 no longer exists.  They were most likely lost when stored at the Coast Guard station during the town hall renovation.  A flood destroyed many ConCom and Board of Health files.  Ron Rappaport’s office is requesting the Certificate and forwarded both Orders.  After reviewing the 1989 subdivision files is seems as if the Amended Order was to install a stream culvert under Menemsha Inn Rd.
  • POSSIBLE FOLLOW UP DISCUSSION SE 12 – 782; CHRIS ALLEY AND MATT CRAMER FOR DAVID ARONOFF; 76 Menemsha Inn Rd.; AP 21-33 (the re-development of the lot on the north shore with the small camp over a stream):  An Order was issued on November 4, 2016 for Phase I: the tear down of the existing camp; replacement with a viewing platform and fireplace (this was not approved as presented) and  Phase II: the construction of a new house closer to Menemsha Inn Rd. (the garage/storage structure was not approved as presented).  A follow up discussion took place on November 16 with proposed changes that were not accepted.  The applicants would like to present additional solutions; a 50-foot no cut buffer on both sides of the wetland; water drainage system and landscape plans for both phases. Key conditions as specified in the Order:
Phase I:  # 7:  The plan for the deck and chimney as proposed and shown on the Phase I site plan is not approved and without prejudice.  The applicant shall return to the Commission with a revised plan showing no viewing platform as an option.   The plan shall consider moving farther away from the stream; reducing the footprint; minimizing the number of bridges and provide a new overall site plan for all walking paths.
# 8:  The revised plan will show a 50-foot no cut buffer on both sides of the Bordering Vegetated Wetland (BVW) as shown on the Phase I and II site plans dated 10/11/16.  The no cut zone shall indicate those areas that are currently cleared and maintained as a walking path or as open space.  These areas may be maintained as they have been over the years.

Phase II # 4:  A new outdoor access plan to the storage basement (shown in green on the Phase II site plan) shall be redesigned to increase the distance between the limit of work and the edge of the BVW.  Consideration should be given to providing a footpath entrance and eliminating access for the winter storage of an automobile which would in turn, increase the disturbance distance from the wetland.
# 5:  The applicant shall return with a landscape plan for both Phase I and Phase II sites for approval by the Commission before work begins.  The plan shall also include a specific water drainage plan for the side of the new dwelling facing the un-named stream and Vineyard Sound.
Meeting Minutes: 12/21/16.

        Order of Conditions Lurie; No DEP File #; AP 14-1 (if voted).
        Amended Order of Conditions Cestar; SE 12 – 760; AP 32-40 (if voted).
                Certificate of Compliance Amended SE 12 – 704; North Star; AP 33-55 (if voted).
                Certificate of Compliance SE 12 – 737; North Star; AP 33-55 (if voted).
                Certificate of Compliance Amended SE 12 – 099; Lang; AP 21-38 (if voted).

  • NEXT MEETING:  Wednesday, February 1, 2017 @ 12:30 PM.

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