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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Community Preservation Committee Minutes 10/18/17

Present for the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) and attending the meeting were:  Pam Goff, Chairman, Bill Rossi, Warren Doty, Steve Lewenberg, Lisa Burkin, John Eisner and Chuck Hodgkinson.  Susan Stevens, Derrill Bazzy and Jim Malkin also attended.  Allen Healy and Jane Slater did not attend.    

Ms. Goff brought the meeting to order at 6:00 PM.  She then opened the public hearing at 6:02 PM and read the legal notice for the hearing:

There will be a public hearing Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 6:00 pm at the Chilmark Town Hall to discuss and receive public comment on two Community Preservation Act funding requests that are under consideration for the April 2018 Annual Town Meeting.   The Chilmark School is seeking from $53,318 and up to $75,880 of CPA Open Space Preservation Parks & Recreation Reserve Funds to rehabilitate and replace the Big Toy for the older students and adding a pre-school playground area and play structure.  The Island Housing Trust is requesting a third appropriation of $34,260 of Community Preservation Affordable Housing Reserve Funds as Chilmark’s share of a third island-wide request for funds to construct 20 affordable apartments at Kuehn’s Way in Tisbury. All are welcome.

Ms. Goff invited Susan Stevens to present her request.  Ms. Stevens shared photos of the wear and tear on the current playground at the Chilmark School.  She proposed replacing the current “Big Toy” apparatus for the older students with a new one that meets current playground safety code.  The ground surface must also be specially prepared to ensure it is safe for children.  Photos of the new structure were reviewed along with installed cost estimates including removal of the current playground.  The complete cost estimate is $77,558.

Ms. Stevens then reviewed photos of a playground structure, fence and surface for the pre-school.  The installed cost estimate for this playground is $18,323.

Ms. Stevens summarized the combined total for both playgrounds is $95,881.  The Community Center summer camp students also use the equipment and they have committed a donation toward this project of $20,000.  She also said the school is hoping to receive a grant of 40% of the cost of the playground structures or, $22,562.

The Chilmark School for the Up-Island Regional School District of Martha’s Vineyard is requesting a total of $75,881.  

Mr. Malkin suggested holding off on this request as the Selectmen have asked the Superintendent for the long term plan for the Chilmark School.  Mr. Malkin thought it might be premature to appropriate capital investments until the plan for the school is agreed.

Ms. Goff thanked Ms. Stevens and invited Derrill Bazzy to review the Island Housing Trust’s (IHT) request for $34,260.  Mr. Bazzy summarized IHT’s project to build 20 affordable apartments at Keune’s Way in Tisbury.  He said the neighbors object to the size of the project and added it is still in appeals court.  He anticipates a favorable outcome.

Mr. Bazzy also said Chilmark has already appropriated a total of $65,550 of CPA Housing Funds toward this project over two separate requests in 2016 and 2017.  If this request is approved Chilmark’s total investment would be $99,810.  Chuck H. said CPA regulations won’t allow the release of CPA funds until the perpetual affordable housing deed restriction is filed at the Registry of Deeds.  Ms. Goff thanked Mr. Bazzy for attending and suggested the Committee defer voting on each request until the next meeting.  Everyone agreed.

Review CPA Fund Balances – after Nov. 27 Special Town Meeting.  Chuck H. shared the CPA fund balances with the Committee under the assumption the $100,000 CPA Park & Recreation request for Squibnocket construction funds is approved at the November 27 Special Town Meeting.

Time will be reserved for topics the Chair did not reasonably anticipate.  Chuck H. shared the details of the rebate received from the Dukes County Manager and suggested voting to return the $5,576.29 rebate from Dukes County Commissioners to the Historic Resources Reserve.  Chilmark paid $7,938 of a total $13,215 appropriated to restore the courthouse windows.  The state reimbursed the county for 81% of the actual cost.  The net cost to Chilmark was $2,362 versus the $7,938 paid = $5,576.29 rebate.  


The September 6, 2017 meeting minutes were reviewed and approved as presented by consensus.

The next meeting will be November 15, 2017 @ 6:30 PM if the prior meeting needs extra time.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 6:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Chuck Hodgkinson, CAS.

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