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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Community Preservation Committee Minutes 10/19/16

Present for the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) and attending the meeting were:  Pam Goff, Chairman, Jane Slater, Lisa Burkin, Bill Rossi, Warren Doty and Chuck Hodgkinson.  Also attending were Dan Waters, Mary Boyd, Melissa Vincent, Philippe Jordi and Christine Flynn.  John Eisner, Andy Goldman, Tim Carroll and Allen Healy did not attend.    

The meeting came to order at 6:05 PM.  Ms. Goff opened the public hearing to receive comment on the CPA fund requests for the April 2017 Annual Town Meeting at          6:06 PM.  She then invited Dan Waters to present his request.  

MV Museum – Historic Resource Preservation:  Mr. Waters explained the Museum wants to renew a previously voter-approved appropriation from Article 19 at the April 2014 Annual Town Meeting of $31,512.  This request is to re-build the roof and chimneys of the historic Marine Hospital in Tisbury using cedar shingles instead of slate as originally requested.   Subsequent Museum research indicates the original roof was made of cedar shingles rather than slate.  The original article specified a slate roof.  The Museum is asking the Town to re-appropriate the same amount for a cedar shingle roof.

The cost for extra support structure, chimney repair and the cedar roof is $655,526.
The cost estimate 3 years ago for support structure, chimney repair and the slate roof was $594,656.

The current cedar estimate revealed significantly more repairs are needed for the chimney and roof rafter supports.  Each town appropriated the following amounts for the slate roof work—and has the same request for their 2017 Annual Town Meetings:

                Chilmark:               $  31,512
                Oak Bluffs:             $100,000
                Vineyard Haven: $  85,000
                West Tisbury:           $  50,000
                Aquinnah:               $  17,000
                Edgartown:              $            0

                Total:                  $283,512

Chuck H. read the town counsel opinion stating the project meets the CPA fund criteria and added the Historical Commission recommends the Committee vote in favor of the request.  Ms. Goff thanked Mr. Waters and invited Melissa Vincent to review her request.

The Resource Inc. (TRI) Economic and Community Services affordable housing:
Ms. Vincent thanked the Committee and explained TRI has a regional application and is seeking $82,600 as Chilmark’s equal share of a regional, six town CPA request from The Resource, Inc. (TRI) Economic and Community services.  She explained the program provides no interest loans to qualified homeowners with an income of up to 100 % County Median Income.  The maximum loan value for each recipient is $35,000 and can only be used for emergency house repairs that ensure the structural integrity of the home.  The funds cannot be used for cosmetic improvements, to enhance a person’s comfort or to build ADA features for the house.  A 15-year descending lien is placed on the property for the principal loan amount.  A descending lien is used to account for depreciation of the repairs over time.  After the 15 years expire and if the owner still lives in the home the loan amount does not need to be repaid.  She added if approved $70,000 of the request will be used for loans exclusively in Chilmark and $12,600 will go to program administration.  The Committee asked several questions related to selling the recipient’s house to someone that does not meet the CPA income requirement.  Ms. Vincent said the lien could include a clause stating if the house is sold before the lien term expires the entire amount of the loan shall be repaid to the Town’s Community Preservation Act reserve fund.  The program could be featured on the Town’s website to announce the program’s availability.  Chuck H. mentioned town counsel is seeking an opinion from the Department of Revenue (DOR) on this request’s eligibility for CPA affordable housing funds.  The Committee thanked Ms. Vincent and asked Mr. Jordi to present each of his two regional proposals.

Keune’s Way affordable housing apartments in Tisbury:~ Mr. Jordi explained a regional request was submitted last year to reimburse the Island Housing Trust (IHT) for the $600,000 cost of the land for this project.  The Committee reminded Mr. Jordi Chilmark appropriated $33,000 for this purpose and was told no towns would receive a “local preference” for any of the 20 apartments and later found West Tisbury was given a preference.  Mr. Jordi agreed this was a mistake and apologized.  The Committee then asked if a perpetual affordable housing deed restriction has been filed with the land and Mr. Jordi said it has not yet been filed.  Chuck H. confirmed the Town’s $33,000 will not be released until the deed restriction is filed.

Mr. Jordi continued to say IHT is filing a second regional request this year for the project and Chilmark’s share is $66,810.   If recommended and approved by voters Chilmark will receive local preference for one apartment.  This preference is only available for the initial renting of the apartment.  After that the apartments are available to anyone meeting the income qualifications.

The financial plan for the entire $6.5 million construction project is as follows:
                Finance:                $1.1 million
                Town CPA funds: $1.8 million ($503,000 has already been raised)
                Private donations:      $1.8 million
                State grants:           $1.8 million
                Total:                  $6.5 million

Scott’s Grove affordable housing in West Tisbury:  Mr. Jordi said he would like to withdraw this regional request to enable IHT to honor the local preference commitments as outlined in IHT’s response to the request for Proposals (RFP).  Ms. Goff thanked      Mr. Jordi and invited Ms. Boyd to present her request.

Park & Recreation - Renovate the basketball court behind the West Tisbury school:  Ms. Boyd distributed a revised cost schedule seeking $10,000 as Chilmark’s share of the renovation costs.  She added the total cost for the project has been lowered to $60,500.  She is seeking the total amount in regional requests and said approximately $5,000 of the total amount will be used to rehabilitate the soccer field at the school.  The Committee asked if astro-turf will be used because this is not allowed under CPA regulations.  Ms. Boyd said no artificial turf will be used.  The Committee asked if this is to rehab the existing basketball court that is off Old County Road.  Ms. Boyd said no.  This request is to rehab a second court that is behind the school. Ms. Goff thanked Ms. Boyd.

Required FY 2018 CPA reserve fund estimates:  Chuck H. reviewed the projected CPA revenue for FY 2018 that includes a 50 percent matching amount from the Commonwealth.  The breakdown is as follows:
- 10 %; $34,000 Affordable Housing Reserve
- 10 %; $34,000 Open Space Reserve
- 10 %; $34,000 Historic Resources Reserve
- 70 %; $238,000 Community Preservation Budgeted Reserve
- Total FY 2018:  $340,000 (FY 2017 Est. $325,000)

He confirmed these are the annual 10 percent minimum amounts that must be placed into each of the specific fund categories with the balance going to the Community Preservation Budgeted Reserve.

After brief discussion among the Committee members and with no public comment a motion was made to close the hearing at 7:08 PM.  The motion was seconded and with no discussion passed unanimously with five in favor.  The Committee agreed to review and vote on each request at the November 16th meeting @ 6:00 PM.


The September 21, 2016 meeting minutes were reviewed and approved as presented by consensus.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM.  

Respectfully submitted, Chuck Hodgkinson, CAS.

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