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Welcome to the Town of Chilmark, MA
Beach Committee Minutes 08/13/2009
Chilmark Beach Committee
August 13th, 2009

Present:  Clarissa Allen, Pam Bunker, Steve McQuiggan, Kristin Maloney, Chief Cioffi

1.      Meeting called to order 7:12 pm.

2.      Voted unanimously to approve July 16th, 2009 minutes.   

3.      Chief of Police Brian Cioffi commended the beach guards for responding to the Abel’s Hill beach drowning and encouraged the guards to attend a group session of counseling for experiencing a fatality.  The Beach Committee voted unanimously for our insurance company MIIA to provide this service and if in the event of any future tragedies this counseling will be mandatory.

4.      The Committee continued the discussion about surfing lessons taking place on Squibnocket during operational hours of the beach.  The committee still takes the position that no commercial activity is allowed on town beaches during the hours of 9am to 5pm.

5.      The Committee discussed the continuing complaints from beach patrons about the excessive amount of dogs on the beach at 5pm.  The complaints about the dogs are that the owners are allowing the dogs to run freely some dogs do not obey their owners and are running up and scaring children, running over patron’s blankets and towels and dog owners are not cleaning up after their dogs.  The leash law clearly states all dogs must be on a leash if they are not under immediate voice command from their owners.  The Committee voted to allow dogs to be welcome after 6pm.

6.      The Proposed school field trip policy has been approved and voted unanimously.

7.      The committee brought up the transfer fee amount of $25.00 some of the committee members have been approached by patrons explaining why the transfer fee of car stickers is excessive.  The Committee will discuss this with the superintendant and possibly change the amount.

8.      Committee members were concerned about excessive hours worked by superintendant.  It was voted unanimously that none of the beach staff including the Asst. Superintendant and Superintendant will work more than 50 hours in one week.

9.      Committee member brought up that only one sticker clerk should be scheduled for Tues, Weds & Thurs.  The Committee agreed that this was discussed and agreed to over last winter. The Committee will talk to the Superintendant that this staffing should continue.

10.     Chief Cioffi asked the committee if they are aware of the protocol or if any protocol or policy exists when a substantial amount of personal items are discovered on the beach first thing in the morning and the person who owns them does not appear immediately to claim them.  It was agreed by the committee that the Chief and a member of the beach committee will draft such a policy.

11.     Voted to adjourn 8:45pm.


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