Town of Chilmark, MA
PO Box 119, 401 Middle Road, Chilmark, MA 02535-0119
Beach Committee Minutes 08/14/08
Chilmark Beach Committee
August 14th, 2008

Present:  P. Bunker, K. Maloney, W. Iacono, M. Mastromonaco & K.  Petruska   

1.      Meeting called to order 7:10 pm

2.      Superintendent and Assistant gave update on new Kayak and rescue board. The staff has been practicing with the rescue equipment.

3.      Voted to replace both beach stickers free of charge to patron because his car window was smashed.  Committee will review and vote on free replacement of beach stickers on a case by case basis.

4.      Discussion of ending beach season to September 15th instead of September 30th for Lucy Vincent.  This will be further discussed this winter and needs to be verified with the lease.  Committee would like to re-look at operating of Lucy Vincent beach  lease says 9am to 6pm.

5.      A request has been made by the Superintendent and Assistant for Beach Committee to draft a template letter to be used for patrons using abusive language and their actions.  Superintendent and Assistant suggested to have a warning letter possibly revoking beach privileges for a certain time period.

6.      Voted to adjourn 8:05pm.